Flights from LAX to Hawaii

Flights from LAX to Hawaii Overview – What You Need to Know About Flying to the Hawaiian Islands

If you want to fly to Hawaii, you’ll have plenty of islands and airports to choose from. Los Angeles is the most logical choice of a departure destination for most people. Many flights arrive at HNL (Honolulu), which takes around 5 hours and 54 minutes from LAX. Airlines that offer flights from LAX to Hawaii include Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, United, and American Airlines.

Most transpacific flights fly into Oahu (HNL), and many flights require that you fly into Honolulu first, even if another part of Hawaii is your intended destination. You can easily connect to other airports as inter-island flights are generally under 30 minutes. If you can’t find cheap flights to HNL, another option is OGG in Kahului. The same airlines offer direct flights, although there aren’t as many to choose from as the ones to HNL.

A lot of experts recommend booking this route on Wednesday as it it is the cheapest time to fly for most of the year. However, the more flexibility you’ll have with your schedule, the easier it will be to find cheap flights. Try to plan for the right month. Research shows that the cheapest flights from LAX to Hawaii are during the months of January, February, and April.

Hawaiian Airlines tends to be the most reliable airline with the highest number of on-time arrivals. It’s a bit cheaper to fly out during the morning than the evening.

Get the Best Flights from LAX to Hawaii

In order to make the best decision possible, you should use flight search engines to view a list of all available flights from LAX to Hawaii during the dates you specify. If you have room to be flexible, play around with the dates and see if the prices start to change. The sooner you start your search, the better. Some of the best travel discount sites offer an option for you to receive daily updates and alerts. This is a free service you’ll want to take advantage of. Airfare can fluctuate daily – especially for popular routes such as this one.

Consider all of your options when searching for airfare. Even if Honolulu isn’t your destination, you still might get a cheaper deal by flying there first and then taking an inter-island flight to another island.

The cheapest flights from LAX to Hawaii aren’t necessarily the best. Don’t just select the lowest rate that pops up. Take the time to read everything over so you’ll know exactly what is included. Read reviews on the airline. You don’t want to be uncomfortable during the flight. You could also wind up paying excessive luggage fees. Not all airlines offer free on-board beverages and snacks, either.

Conduct your research on cheap flights from LAX to Hawaii at Expedia. It offers all of the search tools you need to find and compare flights. You can also get a good deal by using Expedia coupon codes to help you save on your flight and hotel.

Best Cruise Lines

Best Cruise Lines Overview – Cruise Recommendations for Leisure and Family Travel

Do a cruise search at your favorite travel discount site and you’ll be presented with dozens if not hundreds of options. There is some type of cruise available 365 days a year, whether it’s Caribbean, Hawaiian, Alaskan, Mediterranean, or Mississippian River cruise. Where are you interested in going? What are the best cruise lines right now?

Here’s an overview of some of your best options:

Carnival Cruises

Carnival is a good choice for every type of traveler. If you want to have as much fun as possible ithout going bankrupt, this cruise line is an excellent choice. Rates are always reasonable and itineraries tend to focus on popular destinations like the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Mexico. Common departure cities include Miami, Tampa, and Galveston. There are nearly 30 ships to choose from.

Royal Caribbean International

This is a good choice if you are looking for a family-friendly cruise – especially with tweens or teens. There are a variety of activities that appeal to young adults. Parents and grandparents get to enjoy their own downtime thanks to an attentive crew overseeing the kids’ activities.

Of course, you can still enjoy a Royal Caribbean cruise even without kids. Despite its name, the cruise line has ports all over the world and not just in the Caribbean. You can visit Alaska, Arabian golf, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, and many other places.

Disney Cruises

You can enjoy Disney entertainment on a ship out on the ocean, or party on the company’s own private islands of Castaway Cay. There are also Alaskan Disney cruises. This is one of the best cruise lines for parents with small children. There are signature Disney characters like Goofy, Mickey, and all of the princesses on the ships.

Holland America

This line caters to solo travelers. It even has a Single Partners Program. The itineraries are carefully crafted, and there are more than 425 ports of call all around the world. Each ship is filled with fun activities and world-class entertainment. Whether you want to go on a 14-day Japan / China cruise or 16 day South America Passage, there are a lot of exciting itineraries with Holland America.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity offers everything from short Bahamas cruises to 15-night “Best of India and Sri Lanka” cruises. It’s a great choice if you’re interested in group travel, although there are some deals for couples as well. The great thing about Celebrity is that it offers affordable flights as well as cruises, so you can book your airfare to the departure port after booking your cruise.

Other Recommendations

A few other nice cruise lines include:

• Norwegian Cruise Line
• Viking River Cruises
• Crystal Cruises
• Regent Seven Seas
• Princess Cruises

No matter what you’re looking for in a cruise experience, these are overall the best cruise lines.

Where can you find cheap deals on the best cruise lines? By looking over the Expedia discount cruise section. There are many cruises to choose from and you can narrow down your options by price, destination, number of nights, cruise line, etc. It’s very easy to find travel coupons at Expedia.

Cheap Hotel Deals

Cheap Hotel Deals Guide – How to Save Money on Accommodation During Your Next Trip

No matter where you travel, you’ll need a place to sleep at night. You’ll need at least one room for storing your luggage and belongings. For many people, a simple hotel or motel room is enough. There’s no need to stay in a luxury suite or fancy rental condo unless you’re planning on staying for more than a couple of nights. There are at least a few cheap hotel deals in every destination.

One way you can find budget accommodation at a hotel is to look for travel discounts or coupons. Even if the hotel chains themselves don’t offer coupons, some third party companies do. You can visit travel discount sites to find promo codes that can be used during the hotel booking process to knock down the price. Keep in mind that some of these deals require that you stay at a specific hotel for a minimum number of nights. Some of them have blackout dates as well.

It’s recommended that you stay mid-week, if possible. Many people like to travel during the weekend so if you wait until Tuesday to arrive, you can probably get a cheaper rate. If you do have to travel during the weekend, at least try to stay over Sunday and wait until at least Monday to leave and return home.

It might be worthwhile to stay outside of the city center or in the next town over. It’s not always easy to find cheap hotel deals close to popular tourist attractions. If you don’t mind the extra commute, you might be able to save a good deal of money if you stay further away. Research the city’s public transportation system to make sure you won’t have to pay too much money for the extra commute.

Use Packages to Get Cheap Hotel Deals

Look into inclusive deals. It can be annoying to seemingly get a low hotel rate only to discover that there are some high fees involved. Make sure you get things like free breakfast, parking, and Wi-Fi. If you’re going to a resort, the resort fees should be covered in the initial hotel rate.

Another way to find cheap hotel deals is to take advantage of any memberships you may have. If you’re military, an AARP member, AAA member, or part of a particular corporation, you might be eligible to special discounts and rates.

Sometimes all you need is a bit of flexibility. Travel prices go up and down all the time. If you’re having trouble finding cheap hotel deals for your intended destination, try adjusting the dates a bit. Be as flexible as you possibly can. Don’t forget to use internet travel coupons.

Where can you get internet travel discounts? Travelocity is a great place to start your search. There, you will find cheap hotel deals on hotel chains, motels, and resorts all around the world. You can also save on airfare and car rental costs. Travelocity promo codes can be very useful.

Expedia Logo

Expedia Travel Deals Info – Why You Want to Consider This Travel Discount Site for Your Upcoming Trip

Do you want 10% or more off on a hotel? Do you want to be able to purchase a roundtrip plane ticket at a low price? Or get a large vehicle rental for the same price as an economy car? These are a few examples of the types of Expedia travel deals available. The site is one of the leaders of online discount travel. No matter where you want to go, it has partners with thousands and thousands of hotel chains and airlines worldwide.

You can build your entire itinerary. There is much more to travel than just hopping on an airplane and staying in a hotel room. Personalize as much as you want with your getaway. Which restaurants do you want to eat at? Are there amusement parks you want to spend a day or two enjoying? Shows you need tickets for? Museums you want to check out? What about outdoor activities like snorkeling? Expedia travel deals cover many of these things.

You might be interested in an all inclusive vacation or even a cruise. The rates listed by Expedia are often lower than the ones offered directly by the cruise lines themselves. Your options aren’t limited, either. There are tons of cruises to choose from by all of the lines for every destination, including the Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, Asia, Australia / New Zealand, Africa, Canada, and South America.

If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, simply check out the “Daily Deals” section of the website where you will get recommendations for “Hotel Discounts for the Day”, “Featured Vacation Packages for the Day”, and so forth.

More Ways to Get Expedia Travel Deals

“Bundle and Save” deals are worth looking into as well. You can experiment with prices to see if it would be cheaper to simply book your hotel room and airfare at the same time or separately. There is also an option to add a car rental to the bundle. How will you be able to save the most money? Experiment with the dates as well to see if you can get a cheaper deal if you leave a day early or return a day later than you originally planned.

Some of the best Expedia travel deals are available for Silver or Gold members. Additional benefits include free amenities like free drinks at VIP access hotels and spa discounts. You also earn points and get to use them either for yourself or to book award travel for family members or business partners. Even with just a standard free account, you can expect nice discounts and special offers from Expedia.

Get additional savings by using special Expedia promo codes, which are usually automatically applied at checkout. Just read over the terms and conditions so you’ll know how to use them. Whether you want to fly to another continent, visit a nearby city, or go on a cruise, you can always count on getting Expedia travel deals.

Cheap Hotels in Seattle

Cheap Hotels in Seattle – Ideas on Where to Stay in Popular Areas

Seattle, home of the Space Needle and often referred to as “Emerald City”, is a popular tourist spot and business destination for millions of people. It’s a green, beautiful city surrounded by scenic landmarks such as Mt. Rainier. There are plenty of things to do, so look for cheap hotels in Seattle so that you can stay for a long time.

There are a variety of neighborhoods. You’ll find trendy restaurants and shops around Downtown and Queen Anne. Along the streets of Capital Hill there are vintage boutiques, coffee houses, and music stores. There are a lot of budget properties around the Seattle Center. Around the University District, there is a good compromise between price and convenience. Pioneer Square, Seattle’s oldest neighborhood, features some nice small art galleries, cafes, and artisan restaurants. Here, you’ll find classic hotels such as A Provenance Hotel and Warwick Seattle. Trendy boutique properties include The Edgewater – Noble House Hotel and Hotel 1000.

Looking for an affordable hotel near the Space Needle? Consider the Ace Hotel or Pensione Nichols Bed and Breakfast, which offers nice views of Mt. Rainier and Pike’s Place. The Staypineapple at Hotel FIVE is a modern-style hotel located not far from Space Needle and the Pacific Science Center.

There are cheap hotels in Seattle near the Waterfront. Stay in this area and you will be in the center of it all. There is a range of inexpensive hotels with tourist-friendly amenities. You can easily customize your stay in Seattle to suit all of your needs. A few options with reasonable rates are The Edgewater, Executive Hotel Pacific, Hotel Theodore, and Hotel Max.

Affordable and Cheap Hotels in Seattle

Looking for an affordable inn or bed and breakfast? Belltown Inn is located right in downtown Seattle. Its guestrooms all come with kitchenettes and windows with views of the interior courtyard or the city. Bacon Mansion Bed & Breakfast is a mansion with 11 rooms. Located within two blocks of the Broadway shopping district, it offers breakfast, Wi-Fi, and rooms with private baths. The 11th Avenue Inn Bed & Breakfast is located within walking distance to Pike Place market and other downtown attractions.

There are many other hotels and inns in Seattle. When choosing accommodation, keep factors such as location in mind. How easy will it be to get to your hotel from the airport or bus station? Will you have to spend a lot of time trying to get to the attractions you’re interested in seeing?

A good time to find cheap hotels in Seattle is the months of September and October. High season is usually during summer months, during which time the room raise will rise.

Looking for Seattle vacation promo codes for hotels and lodging? There should be some Expedia discount codes to help you. Whether you’re looking for cheap hotels in Seattle for a vacation or business, Expedia is the place to find all of the best deals.

Italy Vacations

Italy Vacations Guide – An Overview of the Most Popular Italian Travel Destinations

Whether you want to go on a boat ride in Venice, visit the Vatican Museums, or stand in the infamous Colosseum in Rome, it’s always worth visiting Italy. There are so many things to do that you’ll want to look at Italy vacations carefully to make sure you choose the right one.

Where should you visit? Which city is right for you? Here is a list of some of the must-see destinations in Italy:


Visit the largest island in the Mediterranean and enjoy dreamy beaches and Italian flair. Other cultures have left their mark there as well over the centuries. You’ll have plenty of beach options thanks to the 1,000 km of coastline. Perhaps the most striking attraction – at least as far as geological features go – is Mount Etna, which is the tallest active volcano in Europe.


When most people think of “Milan”, they think of “Fashion”. In addition to being one of the Fashion Capitals of the World, Milan is also home to legendary works of art such as da Vinci’s The Last Supper. It’s a combination of modern architecture and historic glamour.

Naples and Pompeii

Pompeii is a interesting and popular tourist spot often found in Italy vacations. It’s located near Naples. Go on a tour of Pompeii for an understanding of the everyday life of the ancient Roman world. Other places to visit include Parco Virgiliano and Villa Comunale, both of which are surrounded by peaceful green scenery. There are hundreds of very nice affordable hotels and accommodation options in Naples.


The capital of Tuscany, Florence is the iconic Renaissance city. It’s a romantic and enchanting destination, where you can enjoy amazing architecture and world-class gourmet and art. If you have enough time, venture out into the Tuscany countryside. There is a wide range of hotels to choose from, some of which date back to the Middle Ages. There are plenty of modern hotels as well.


If you’re interested in romantic Italy vacations, Venice is definitely the destination to consider. The floating city has nearly 120 small islands linked by bridges and separated by canals. It’s recommended that you try staying at a hotel near a water taxi stop. It’s worth venturing out to one of the outer islands like the very colorful Burano and Murano.


Visit the capital of one of the largest empires the world has ever known. In addition to the Colosseum, you’ll want to take a trip to the iconic Roman Forum and St. Peter’s Basilica. Don’t forget the Vatican and Panthenon, either, two of the most important places.

There are other nice destinations in Italy vacations as well. Just look over vacation packages and rates.

If you plan your trip with Expedia, you’ll have unlimited options. There are tons of discounts and coupons on Italy vacations. Save on a hotel, airfare, attractions, and more. Just use Expedia promotional codes when booking your vacation.

Hotels in Denver Colorado

Hotels in Denver Colorado Info – A Look at the B&Bs, Golf Hotels, Budget Hotels, and Luxury Properties

The “Mile-High” city is filled with fascinating neighborhoods and districts. No matter where you stay, you’re bound to be near some entertainment and attractions. If you’re a baseball fan, look for hotels in Denver Colorado near the downtown area, where you will be close to Coors Field. The River North Art District (RiNo) features colorful street art and a mixture of craftsmen doing business from shops.

The Denver International Airport is just over 20 miles from downtown. If you want a shuttle to and from the airport, a couple of good hotel choices would be Embassy Suites by Hilton (Denver Stapleton), The Westin, Holiday Inn, and Courtyard by Marriott.

Stay at a boutique hotel if you prefer smaller places with personal touches, art-clad walls, and opulent decor. The Kimpton Hotel Monaco is located right in downtown and features nice rooms and furniture. Expect morning coffee, affordable rates, and a friendly staff. The Art is another boutique hotel located near the museum district. There is a 22,000 LED light setup to welcome guests.Capitol Hill Mansion Bed and Breakfast Inn is a 4.5 star B&B located just minutes away from the state capitol building and attractions like the Molly Brown House Museum.

If you’re interested in golf hotels in Denver Colorado, there is the Microtel Inn (Wyndham Denver), located approximately two and a half miles from Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refugee. Guests get conveniences such as free breakfast, in-room Wi-Fi, and free airport shuttles. Homewood Suites by Hilton (at Denver Tech center) has cheap rates and is located near golf courses, water skiing, hiking trails, and so forth.

Luxury Hotels

Prefer luxurious hotels? The Crawfod Hotel is a good place to start your search. Located in LoDo, which is the oldest neighborhood in Denver, this hotel is within a ten minute walk to popular attractions like the Museum of Contemporary Art. It’s a 4.5 star property adjacent to Union Station. Another highly-rated hotel is the Ritz-Carlton – a 5 star hotel with a full-service spa, health club, elegant bathrooms, restaurant, and good customer service.

A stay at the Four Seasons Denver Hotel will not be cheap. If you’re after luxury, you’ll certainly find it at this hotel, with its pillowtop bed, Egyptian cotton sheets, iPod docking stations, private bathrooms and separate bathtubs, etc.

Cheap Hotels in Denver Colorado

The following properties usually have the lowest rates:

• Denver Property (Mar Lee)
• Motel 6 (multiple locations)
• Super 8
• Hyatt Regency (Denver Tech Center)
• Rodeway Inn & Suites
• Essex House Motel
• Econo Lodge (at Denver Intl. Airport)

There are both affordable and luxurious hotels in Denver Colorado, located in convenient locations both inside the city and surrounding areas.

Travelocity discount vacations are usually the best. The site not only offers affordable travel options, it also offers excellent customer service. You can expect competitive prices when planning your Denver trip. There really are some great coupons on hotels in Denver Colorado.

European Vacation

European Vacation Guide – Important Things to Consider When Planning Your Trip to Europe

A lot of people don’t realize that there are actually 50 countries in Europe. There is a lot more than Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. In addition to the 30 European Union countries, there are several countries that have a territory in Europe and Asia (Turkey, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and even Russia). In short, if you want to go on a European vacation, you have plenty to choose from. Can’t afford a stay at a fancy Paris hotel? Or a castle vacation rental in England or Ireland? Don’t worry – there are plenty of affordable alternatives.

If you absolutely must visit one of the more “touristy” countries, you might be interested in a tour package deal, such as “The Best of Italy”, “Spanish Collection Package”, “London and Paris Package”, and so forth. You can easily add both UK and French destinations to your European vacation via cheap bus fair through the Channel Tunnel.

Unfortunately, the buses often take several hours to get through the tunnel. You can hurry things up by taking a ferry from Dover to Calais. There are also plenty of cheap flights.

What about the rest of Europe? Most backpackers take the rail across the continent. Get between destinations faster by taking budget airlines, which are considerably cheaper than the major airlines. Ryan Air and Easy Jet are two examples of budget airliners that fly all over Europe at cheap rates.

What is Included in a European Vacation?

Some European vacation packages include both air and land transportation. For instance, an “8 Days of Budapest and Prague” or “8 Days of Berlin and Dresden” type of packages can be customized a bit depending on whether you want to travel solely by rail or by a combination of rail and air. The latter, obviously, costs a lot more, but still might be within your budget range depending on the season and cities.

You don’t have to go with a pre-package deal. Simply purchase a Eurail Pass and make your own way through Europe. There are different options for a Eurail Pass for both non-Europeans and Europeans, available at different prices. There is a Global Pass, which can be used for traveling through 28 countries, and Select Pass, which allows you to travel to up to four bordering countries.

In order to get to Europe in the first place, you’ll have to fly there. Every major city in the world has at least one international airport that offers flights to Europe. Find out which European cities are offered by your airport.

A European vacation can be affordable – all it takes is a bit of price comparison and planning.

There are literally thousands of options for a Euro Trip, and a great way to save money is to use Travelocity promotional codes. Use the site to search for European vacation discounts and packages. It’s the best place to get started with trip planning.

Travelocity Logo

Travelocity Flights Guide – How to Get the Best Possible Deals on Airfare and Your Next Trip

There is an entire planet to explore. Don’t just limit yourself to one state or country. Fly around the world by using Travelocity’s flight and vacation package deals. The company allows you to compare rates from more than 130 airlines, with the option to add hotel accommodation and auto rental. You can also check out the Travelocity Flights Deals section to view the best deals currently available.

How about flying to Europe from the US East Coast, in a city such as NYC, Newark, Miami, or Atlanta? Or heading to Asia from the West Coast from airports in San Francisco or Los Angeles? Among the cheapest international deals are flights down to Mexico and South America.

If you’re after domestic travel discounts, you should be able to find multiple flights between just about any two US cities. Airfare can vary considerably depending on the airline and time of year. With so many flights available, the only hassle you’ll experience is picking out a destination. If you already have one in mind, simply enter ideal dates and your departure / destination cities and begin your search for prices.

Discounts on Travelocity flights aren’t just available on the website, they can be found with the mobile app, newsletter, and coupon sites as well. If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for on the website, just check with the app, newsletter, and travel discount sites / blogs to find additional offers. Travelocity coupons are easy to use online and will help you save some money on your next business trip or vacation.

More Ways to Look for Travelocity Flights

Another way to find cheap Travelocity flights is to search via airlines. For instance, you could check out current “Frontier Deals” or “Deals on Delta Airlines” to see if there are any offers from your city to a nice destination. There is usually a high number of domestic and international flights offered on the “American Airlines Flight Deals” page. The blackout dates are also conveniently listed for each airline.

When you have a coupon you want to use, there is a space for you to enter it on the checkout page. Some might be automatically applied when you click on a link for an offer. Make sure you can actually use the coupon, as some are only valid when the price isn’t already discounted.

The great thing about this site is that it offers much more than affordable airfare. In addition to Travelocity flights, there are hotel discounts, cruise packages, all-inclusive vacations, car rental coupons, and more.

To save money on select flights and hotels, enter Travelocity coupon codes. No matter where your ideal destination is, there should be a discount offer of some type available. Carefully look over deals for Travelocity flights for some ideas on your next vacation.

Hotels Near Disney World

Hotels Near Disney World Guide to Choosing the Right Accommodation and Lodging Needs for Your Disney Vacation

Everybody needs to take a trip to Disney at least once. If you’re looking for a fun vacation, start looking for airfare to the Orlando area. Do a bit of research on hotels near Disney World so that you can find the perfect place to stay. There are hundreds of places that offer nice accommodation within 6 miles of the park. Some resorts, like the Disney’s Pop Century and Caribbean Beach Resort, are located right in the park.

It’s common knowledge that tickets and park passes are not cheap. If you really want to finance a Disney vacation, then you’ll have to find budget accommodation. Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club (by Diamond Resort) is a good, affordable place to stay and it’s located just two miles from the park. Caribbean Royale All-Suite Hotel offers cheap rates and a shuttle to the Disney ticketing area, which is 6 miles away.

A standard room at the Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort or Music Resort is usually available at under $100 a night. Both resorts are located in the Animal Kingdom area. If you plan on visiting Disney for more than one day, then it’s probably for the best that you stay at one of the several hotels located right at the park. If you want a camping experience, stay at the Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, which offers a variety of options ranging from a standard tent or popup to a “Premium Campsite”.

Luxury Stays at Hotels Near Disney World

Looking for a more luxurious experience? Consider the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. This Victorian-themed resort offers some very gorgeous rooms and scenery. All you have to do is hop on the monorail ride and zip right to Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Another option is the Four Seasons Resort Orlando, which offers fun for the whole family. Get benefits like early park access and “character” breakfasts. You’ll REALLY get a luxurious experience if you stay at the Polynesian Villas & Bungalows – especially at one of the bungalows. It’s located minutes away from the Magic Kingdom park, to which you can get via water taxi or monorail ride.

There are more than just hotels in Orlando / Kissimmee – there are affordable motels as well. The Red Lion, Knights Inn Maingate Kissimmee, and Motel 6 Orlando are a few you might want to consider.

Prices and availability of hotels near Disney World are subject to change depending on the season, weather, and other factors. Use search and filtering tools at a reliable travel discount site to find the right hotel for your needs. Decide if it would be cheaper to book your airfare and hotel separately or to purchase a vacation package.

There are usually tons Expedia discounts and coupons for Disney vacations. You can browse through the current offers or search for specific dates. It’s a good, reliable site for finding deals on hotels near Disney World, Disney cruise coupons, vacation packages, airfare, and more.