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  • Theme Park Tickets - save on theme parks with Expedia (expires January 31)

  • Budget Rentals - save up to 25% on Budget car rental (expires January 31)

  • Princess Cruises - find cruises starting at $399 with $100 onboard credit (expires January 31)

  • Royal Cruises - get up to $75 onboard credit for Royal Cruises (expires January 31)

  • Norwegian Cruises - find cruises starting at $189 with $100 onboard credit (expires January 31)

Top Expedia Discounts

Here are the top discounts from Expedia. Choose one of them for a perfect theme vacation.

Top Expedia Destinations

  • Las Vegas - Las Vegas vacations starting at $200

  • Miami - Miami vacations starting at $379

  • Orlando - Orlando vacations starting at $274

  • New York - New York vacations starting at $300

  • Maui - Maui vacations starting at $652

  • Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico vacations starting at $363

  • Ohau - Ohau vacations starting at $544

Expedia Tips

1) Make sure your trip is well planned. If you deviate from your plan, you may have to pay extra.

2) The travel season is critical - prices tend to go up during the summer, and then drop back down towards winter. Try to have your vacation near the winter and you will save hundreds.

3) Watch for your car expenses. Cities with a good public transport don't require a car, so make sure to compare the costs of public transport and car rental (don't forget parking expenses).

4) Flexibility is your greatest advantage. If you don't have to stick to specific dates and hours, you can save hundreds on your hotels and flights.

5) Finally - discounts. Expedia offers discounts and coupons you can use. Watch the video below to see how the price of your vacation can be reduced.

If you have any comments (non-working coupons, new coupons you found, or any other comments), feel free to contact us at [email protected]


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