Flights from LAX to MSP

Flights from LAX to MSP: All You Need to Know About Flying from LA to the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities is a popular destination for tourists and business travelers both. It is an ideal getaway during every season. If you want to escape the summer heat of Los Angeles, it’s time to start looking for flights from LAX to MSP. There are a variety of airlines to choose from and the average flight duration is just under 4 hours. There is a distance of 1,534 miles between the two cities.

Typically, if you take this route, your flight will arrive at one of two terminals: the Lindbergh Terminal and the Humphrey Terminal. Most of the ground transportation and shuttles operate out of the Lindbergh Terminal. However, if you prefer to fly smaller, charter airlines like Sun Country, you’ll probably end up at Humphrey Terminal. There are free shuttles between the two terminals.

If you need to rent a car, you’ll find that all of the big name car rental agencies operate out of MSP. There are options to book the car with the airfare at online travel discount sites. You might or might not be able to save money by booking them separately.

Low season for this flight is in Sept. and October, and high season is March and December. Regardless of when you fly, airfare doesn’t change too much and you can find discounts if you book through the right website. Some of the many airlines you can choose from include Delta, Spirit Airlines, Sun Country Air, Virgin Australia, and Jet Airways. The most reliable and highly-rated airlines that offer airfare for this route include Spirit Airlines, Delta, and Sun Country Air.

Best Days for Flights from LAX to MSP

Wednesday is a cheap day to fly from LAX to Minneapolis / St. Paul. If you fly on a Saturday, you’ll likely end up paying the most money.

While you might be lucky enough to find last-minute flights from LAX to MSP, it’s still recommended that you buy your plane ticket around 14 – 29 days prior to departure.

What are you going to do in Minneapolis? Where will you stay? Like the car rental, you can book the hotel room at the same time as the flight as part of a vacation package. There are many places you’ll want to take the time to see, such as the Guthrie Theater, Boom Island Park, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and more.

Not all flights from LAX to MSP are nonstop. There are options that include connections in cities such as Dallas / Fort Worth, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Chicago O’Hare.

You can start searching for flights from LAX to MSP, both nonstop and connections. The best place to look for airfare discounts is Travelocity. You’ll be able to get deals on not just airfare but accommodation, car rentals, and entertainment services as well. There is a wide variety of Travelocity coupon offers available.