All Inclusive Cruise Deals

All Inclusive Cruise Deals – What Services Are Offered in All Inclusive Packages? Which Cruise Lines Offer Them?

Cruises are preferred vacation choices for singles, couples, families, and groups of friends alike. In short, just about anyone of any age loves the thought of going on a cruise shop for a nice getaway. The great thing is that they don’t have to be expensive at all – even all inclusive ones. You don’t have to pay a travel agent to find you all inclusive cruise deals. The internet has made it easier for average leisure travelers to do their own research and compare prices.

All of the major cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, Disney, Norwegian, Holland America, and Celebrity, offer all inclusive packages, which range from 3 nights to 15. If you are going with children, Disney is obviously the most popular choice, although the other lines offer a lot of family-fun activities as well. You may end up finding a better deal with one of them.

When it comes to the typical cruise fare, you are paying for the fare itself, as well as a cabin, a few meals here and there, and transportation to/from ports of call. The price does not include food, drinks, and all of the other necessities and onboard credit. This is why many people turn to all inclusive deals, which does include a lot of necessities. What, exactly “all inclusive” means varies from ship line to ship line. Some of the things they DON’T typically include are gift shop items, scuba courses, phone calls, and medical treatments.

Alcoholic beverages are not included in standard cruise fare at all, and non-alcoholic drinks are limited. If you plan on drinking alcohol and a lot of caffeine, select an all inclusive package that includes drinks.

Unfortunately, the internet is not free on many ships. Broadband and high-speed internet access in general has only begun to proliferate cruise ships. If you want Wi-Fi in the middle of the ocean, an internet package is essential.

What Else to Look for in All Inclusive Cruise Deals

A few other things you might want to look for in all inclusive cruise deals include:

• Pre-paid gratuities
• Special (select) events
• Specialty dining
• Photo packages
• Roundtrip airfare
• 24-hour room service and butler service
• Hotel transfers before trip

Once again, not all of these are offered by all cruise lines. How do you know exactly what is included and what is not? When looking over deals and comparing prices, you can usually click on each package to learn more about it and to view all of the details, including a list of everything you will be paying for if you select the offer. To make sure you really get everything that is included, only book all inclusive cruise deals through a reliable travel site.

The most reliable site for comparing and selecting all inclusive cruise deals is Expedia. The company offers savings opportunities on all cruise lines, whether you want to sail Disney, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, etc. Just use Expedia promo codes to save on not only the cruise itself, but airfare and car rental as well.

Cheap One Way Flights

Cheap One Way Flights Guide – A Few Handy Tips for Finding Inexpensive Airfare

It can be very discouraging when you do a search for airfare and see nothing but expensive results that go beyond your budget. Even if you adjust the times a bit, there still might not be much of a difference. How do you go about getting a good deal? Where can you find cheap one way flights?

It’s not true that roundtrip airfare is always cheaper than one-way airfare. Even if you have to return, it might be cheaper to go purchase two one-way tickets. Due to factors such as new pricing methods and cancellation fees, flyers now have more flexibility when booking airfare.

Pricing always varies by airline, tourist season, holidays, and so forth. A few discount carriers like Frontier, Allegiant, JetBlue, Norwegian Air, Air Lingus, and Spirit are always worth looking into.

Here are a few other tips for finding cheap one way flights:

• Keep in mind that some days are cheaper to fly than others. Even if your dates are already set in stone and cannot be changed, you still might want to check out airfare for a day earlier than you are expected to arrive and sleep in a hostel or budget hotel.

• Consider mixing and matching airlines. Some discount travel sites offer a “mix and match” category that allows you to combine two one-way fares. There’s no rule that says you have to return with the same airline that you left with.

• Fly or drive to another airport. If it’s simply not possible to be flexible with the dates, try to be flexible with the airports. Check and see if there are other airports near the origin or destination. The more options you have, the more savings opportunities there might be. Or will it simply be cheaper to fly to another city and then flying to your destination city from there?

• No matter where you want to go or what dates you plan to travel on, always buy the fare in as early as advance as possible. Don’t put it off. While last-minute deals can sometimes be found, it’s not a good idea to risk it. On smaller carriers, it’s best to book no later than 7 days in advance. For the larger airlines, order at least two weeks in advance.

• Let technology do all the work for you. There are plenty of apps, tools, and aggregator search engine services dedicated to bring you the lowest prices on all aspects of travel. Let the tools search for cheap one way flights and send you an instant notification a good deal is made available that is within your budget range.

In Conclusion

Expedia promo codes, apps, aggregated search tools, etc. all make finding cheap one way flights a simple process. You can easily find and receive flight options from literally hundreds of different airlines to thousands of destinations.

National Car Rental Overview of the Policies, Types of Vehicles, & Services Offered by This Leading Renting Company

With Chryslers, Nissans, Hyundai, Ford, convertibles, and hybrid cars, it’s no wonder why so many people choose National car rental services. No matter what type of car or van you’re after, National offers it. The company has rental locations in big cities throughout not just the US, but the world. Popular countries include US, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Germany, etc. You can rent a vehicle at just about any airport or city.

It began as a company run by multiple, independent vehicle rental operators, and today it is the among the largest rental car corporations in the world. Part of National’s success is attributed to the company offering superior services to leisure travelers and business travelers alike.

The minimum age requirement to rent a vehicle is 21, although there are some exceptions. For instance, a government employee as young as 18 can rent a vehicle, but must present his or her official orders to the renting office. Also, renters between the ages of 21 and 24 years old may only rent economy through full-size cars. In the states of Michigan and New York, anybody 18 years or older can rent a vehicle, although a “young Renter Fee” will be charged.

A variety of additional equipment is available for anyone who needs them. If you need child safety seats, mobility devices, GPS units, ski racks, etc… notify National of your requirements when booking your reservations.

Airport Options and Other Fees

The company always keeps in mind that flights and buses are sometimes delayed. Because of this, they will hold your vehicle for twelve hours after the scheduled arrival, OR until the end of that business day, whichever comes first.

There is a fee for a secondary driver, which currently averages around $12 per day with National car rental. However, this second driver fee can be waived for certain circumstances, such as in states that allow a renter’s spouse to be added as an “automatic authorized driver” and rentals by members of the Emerald Club whose spouses, domestic partner and common law spouse has the same address on their driver’s license and meets all other normal rental requirements.

Renting from National is easy. Sometimes it’s better to go through an online travel discount website instead of booking directly from National’s website itself. This method also comes with opportunities to save on not only the vehicle rental but airfare as well. The company is flexible with its services and will accommodate your needs. You can arrange to drop the vehicle off at a different National car rental facility than the one you picked it up from.

The whole process of obtaining National car rental discounts is simple: just use the travel search tools offered by Expedia, who offers a best price guarantee. It’s a vast site that offers plenty of budget travel options, no matter where you plan to travel to and what kind of vehicle you want to rent.

Cheap Domestic Flights

Cheap Domestic Flights: Tips to Help You Search and Find Affordable Domestic Airfare

Who could have imagined 20 years ago that it could be possible to simply get on the internet and find cheap domestic flights from one side of the country to the other? Or all the way to Hawaii or Alaska? Airfare has gotten a lot cheaper over the years, and it’s becoming easier to save even more money.

No matter where you want to go, or whether you are traveling for business or leisure, here are some tips on obtaining cheap domestic flights in the US:

Compare one-way flights VS roundtrips

Roundtrips tend to be less costly, but there are still occasions when it’s actually cheaper to purchase two one-way tickets instead. Keep this in mind when searching for airfare. First, focus your search on roundtrips, and then check out the rates for one-way tickets for that same day to find out what is available. You might just end up saving more with the latter.

Set alerts and track fares

Don’t just manually search for flights and compare prices. Do some automatic monitoring as well. Sign up with travel discount newsletters. Install apps that will alert you the very second a fare drops. Follow all of the top travel agencies on social media and keep an eye on the latest posts. Take advantage of all of the tools and apps available in today’s information age.

Avoid being too specific with the dates and times

The less picky you are with your travel dates, the easier it will be to get a good deal. When conducting a search, experiment a bit with the departure and return dates to see how the price varies. If you absolutely cannot change the travel dates, at least try out different times. It might save you money to depart a certain time of day. Every little bit you can save helps.

Find out if you get a discount with a particular method of payment

Sometimes it’s possible to get cheap domestic flights by paying with a particular type of credit card. Find out which banks and credit companies are associated with certain airlines and travel agencies. There might be a special perk or discount available for you in there.

Consider alternative airports

You don’t have to fly between two major airports. It might end up being cheaper driving or taking a bus to another airport that’s further away and paying for a lower airfare. When entering the dates in an airfare search form, don’t overlook the option to check the “other nearby airports” box.

Hopefully these tips will give you some idea of how to find cheap domestic flights. Sometimes it just takes a bit of patience.

Planning your next trip is easy thanks to Expedia coupon codes and discount offers. The site offers plenty of user-friendly tools and apps to help you search for cheap domestic flights to and from any destination.

San Diego Hotel Deals

San Diego Hotel Deals Guide to Popular Areas & Accommodation Options

No matter when you want to go, there is always accommodation available in San Diego. There are nearly 1,500 hotels, cozy bed and breakfasts, well-appointed health clubs, comfortable motels, hostels, and more lodging options. Whether you’re after budget accommodation or a luxury suite, it’s not hard to find San Diego hotel deals. Internet travel agencies have made it easy to find and compare rates.

Even if you stick with a cheap chain hotel, you’ll still get a clean, comfortable room with amenities such as Wi-Fi, free breakfast, airport shuttle, etc. The luxury hotels are very impressive, whether you want to stay at a beach side resort to a large hotel located in the center of the city. Some of the more popular hotels include the Omni, Hilton Resort and Spa, Paradise Point Resort & Spa, the Grand Hyatt, etc.

If you’re looking for entertainment, you might want to consider staying at the Gaslamp Quarter, as this is the city’s liveliest neighborhood. There is a nice mix of modern-stay structures and Victorian-era buildings. In addition to nice hotels, the area is home to the Padres, cocktail bars, pubs, countless restaurants, shops, museums, etc. You can easily access nearby areas such as the San Diego Zoo via trolley.

Mission Bay is another nice place to stay – especially if you want the boardwalk experience. There is always some type of water activity going on, from fishing to sailing. Some of the San Diego hotel deals typically available in this area include Red Roof Inn, The Dana, La Quinta Inn & Suites, Bahia Resort Hotel, and more.

Downtown is a great place to stay for business travelers. There are modern hotels that offer the technology you need for doing a bit of work from the comfort of your room or the lounge.

San Diego Hotel Deals at the Hotel Circle

There is the infamous Hotel Circle in San Diego, which is a ten minute drive from downtown. As the name suggests, there are many hotels available in this circle, ranging from more economic places like Super 8 and Hotel Iris to more high-end places like DoubleTree by Hilton and Sheraton Mission Valley SD Hotel.

If you’re going with your family, a Sea World vacation package might be worth looking into. When searching for San Diego accommodation, consider one of the dozen or so hotels that is partnered with theme park and offers services such as bus shuttling back and forth. Some are located in the Hotel Circle, some at Mission Bay, and some in the downtown area.

No matter what your plans are or which attractions you want to check out, there are always San Diego hotel deals to find.

Expedia coupons come in a variety of forms, from mobile promo codes to special web offers. Whether you’re looking for specific San Diego hotel deals or just want to find some savings opportunities, Expedia is always the site to go to.

Cheap Cruises from New Orleans

Cheap Cruises from New Orleans – Tips for Saving and Exploring the Mississippi River, Caribbean, Bahamas, & Mexico

If you want to go on a Caribbean or Bahamas cruise, why not make the Big Easy your departure city? Several cruise lines offer cheap cruises from New Orleans. If you’re not a resident of the city, you might want to extend your vacation by staying a couple of days before and/or after; just turn your trip into two vacations in one.

Mississippi River Cruises

Since this is Louisiana, not all cruises have to be to the Caribbean. There are also Mississippi river cruises on steamboats offered by the American Queen Steamboat Company. New Orleans is the departure port for the Lower Mississippi river adventures. America Cruise Lines also offers cruises along the Mississippi River, ranging from eight to fifteen days. Some are round trip and some end in cities like Saint Paul, MN. This is a great opportunity for the history buff who is interested in learning about Cajun history and the Civil War. There are many beautiful sites to see along the river, with stops in Davenport, Vicksburg, Baton Rouge, Memphis, etc.

Unfortunately, Mississippi River cruises tend to be more costly than Caribbean cruises. Part of this reason is because they tend to be longer. However, it’s still worth going if you can find a good deal. Take your time and compare rates. This type of cruise is worth going on if you want to experience major cities and small American towns alike.

Caribbean, Bahamas, & Mexico Cruises

Most cheap cruises from New Orleans are found with Carnival and Norwegian cruise lines, both of which offer itineraries filled with warm, exotic places like Cozumel, Mexico, Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, George Town, Ochos Rios, Costa Maya, Roatan, Belize City, and more. Some cruise itineraries are centered toward the Western Caribbean, some in the Eastern Caribbean, and some around Mexico.

It’s pretty obvious that “off-season” for cruising in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic is during hurricane season in the fall. If you’re brave and adventurous, you will often find very cheap deals during the months of Sept. – Nov.

Additional Tips

One way to save money, especially if you have a lot of cities on your itinerary, is to not participate in all of the cruise line’s excursions. You can either simply lounge on the beach or in a affordable restaurant near the shore of each port of call, or arrange for your own excursions with a third party.

Look out for special discount offers on online travel sites that include perks like on-board credit and free cabin upgrades. If you are going to fly to New Orleans, see if you can get a discount by booking your airfare and cruise at the same time. If you’re driving there or live there, look for cheap or free parking options near the port. Some hotels near the port even offer inexpensive or free parking if you stay for at least one night.

Whether you want to go on a short, two or three day cruise or a 21 day cruise, just use online price comparison tools to help you find cheap cruises from New Orleans.

The best cruise shopping and price comparison tools can be found with Expedia. Discounts of all kinds can be found, no matter what your travel plans are like. It’s easy to compare cheap cruises from New Orleans, and a variety of itineraries are available.

Car Rental in San Francisco

Car Rental in San Francisco Tips for Choosing the Right Company, Vehicle, and Pickup Location

Plan on flying or taking a bus in to the Bay Area? Make sure you can easily get around by booking your own vehicle. It’s always a good idea to take care of car rental in San Francisco ahead of time. The earlier in advance you can reserve it, the better. While there is the occasional last-minute deal, you don’t want to risk it unless you plan to go during tourist season or holidays.

The cable cars, buses, cabs, and simple walking will get you around the busier parts of the city, you will still want a car. You might end up wanting to take an excursion to Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, Mendocino, or another nearby city. A lot of California visitors enjoy taking it a road trip along the coast line, and SF should always be on the itinerary.

If you’re flying to SFO, you might think that it’s a good idea to rent your car from one of the many rental companies at the airport. After all, the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, China Town, and other popular tourist spots are located within an hour’s drive from there. The problem with a lot of vehicle rentals at an airport is that they tend to cost more than the average rate. If you are looking for cheap car rental in San Francisco, you might find a better deal with a rental facility located outside of SFO.

All of the big name rental companies and a few lesser-known companies can be found in convenient locations throughout the Bay Area, including the heart of San Francisco itself. Use an online travel search tool to view and compare the prices of car hire from Enterprise, Hertz, Thrifty, Dollar, Budget, Firefly, Payless, Avis, Alamo, and many other companies.

Where to Find Deals for Car Rental in San Francisco

You can find maps of all of the pickup and drop-off locations online. If you’ve already booked your hotel, make sure your pickup location is easy to get to from the airport or bus station. If you plan to drive to San Francisco and want to rent a better vehicle, make sure you understand the parking policies at the hotel or garage so that your own car will go undisturbed while driving your rental vehicle.

There are a variety of vehicle classes to choose from, ranging from sub-compact to vans and luxury sports cars. Look closely at images of vehicles of different classes offered by the rental company you are considering for an understanding of what is available. When it comes to car rental in San Francisco, experts recommend that you go smaller rather than larger, as there are narrow streets and steep hills to drive around.

Where can you get the best car rental in San Francisco discounts? Expedia deals are always worth checking out, as they will help you save money, no matter where you want to go or what kind of vehicle you want to book.

Hotels in Laughlin

Hotels in Laughlin Info – What Can You Expect with a Laughlin Vacation? Where Should You Stay?

Laughlin, NV offers a gambling experience like Vegas, yet it is far more relaxing and laid-back. It also has rodeos, steak houses, ghost towns, motorcycle rallies, and more. If you’ve been to Vegas before and want to try something a bit different, you can use online tools to find affordable hotels in Laughlin.

Get a view of the Colorado River if you can. There are some nice restaurants along the river that are definitely worth eating at. If you can’t find cheap accommodation around the river, there are other waterfront areas to consider. To the north lies Lake Mead and Lake Monroe. Lake Havasu is located south of the city.

Just like Vegas, many of the hotels in Laughlin also double as casinos. Some of the popular ones include the Aquarius, Harrah’s, The Golden Nugget, The Tropicana, The Edgewater Hotel and Casino, and more. According to review sites, the average hotel rating in the area is 3.7, so no matter where you stay you can expect a better-than-average accommodation.

There are also luxury hotels that offer amenities such as concierge services and spacious suites. Stay at a 5-star resort and find services like heated swimming pools and saunas.

There are special events held throughout the year, regardless of when you go. However, the cheapest time to go is in the month of February. “High-season” in Laughlin is August, during which time hotel rates are the most costly. Also, it costs a lot more (at least twice as much) to stay in the city during weekends than it does during weekdays.

Other Booking Options for Hotels in Laughlin

There’s no rule that says you have to book the accommodation by itself. You might be better off selecting a vacation package that includes airfare, dining, entertainment, and more. How about a golf package? A fun-filled family package? Laughlin casino package? The International Airport is just two or so miles east of the major hotels, so if you don’t want to rent a car, be sure to stay in one of these hotels – ideally one that offers airport shuttles. They also offer great perks like all-you-can-eat buffets, slot machines, entertainment, game tables, etc.

Another great thing about staying in a desert Oasis, close to the Arizona border, is that the temperature is always warm – even during winter. Even the cheapest hotels in Laughlin have nice pools. You can go out on the river any time you want as well. The city is never as crowded at Vegas, so there is more room to relax, no matter where you stay or what you do.

Use online tools at Expedia to help you compare prices and services of various resorts and hotels in Laughlin. You can also check out airfare and Nevada vacation packages. Look over Expedia discounts to get a great deal on your next trip.

Rental Cars in San Francisco

Rental Cars in San Francisco – Tips for Renting a Car and Saving Money in SF

Since the Gold Rush of the mid-1800s, San Francisco has been one of the most-visited cities in North America. There are so many sights to see and neat things to experience. Everyone should drive across the Golden Gate Bridge at least once. Doing so is not difficult, either, thanks to all of the affordable rental cars in San Francisco.

Whether this will be your first time visiting or your 20th, it’s important that you rent the ideal vehicle. Many car rentals are available at the SFO airport, although there are others located in convenience spots throughout the Bay Area.

If you’re flying to SFO, take the Air Train from the departure level to the Rental Car Facility. If you’re a local rental or taking a bus from San Jose, you’ll find a car rental facility by taking the exit at San Bruno Ave. Just follow the “Car Return” signs.

Mainstream car rental companies may or may not be for you. You might want to look into lesser known companies as well. Most tourists stick with the mainstream rental companies since they are conveniently located at the airport. However, if you will have some flexibility during your visit, look into other options to see if you can find a better deal.

Off-airport rental locations often offer cheaper rates. This is something to keep in mind if you are going to San Francisco during high-season. Car rental and hotel rates tend to be lowest during winter months. The downside is that the rain and ever-present fog might not be the best condition to drive in.

What to Check When Renting a Car?

Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the rental agreement before you finalize your order. You don’t want to end up with any unexpected fees. Each company has its own policy regarding payment options, gas, insurance, additional drivers, and so forth.

Another thing to consider is the type of car you want. When it comes to rental cars in San Francisco, it’s ideal to err on the side of small rather than large, due to the steep hills and narrow roads. If you’re going during warmer months, you might want to invest in a convertible so that you can drive along the California coastline with the top down, enjoying the sunshine.

It’s always a good idea to reserve your vehicle ahead of time and prepay. If you wait until you get there, you could end up paying more. Why wait in line for a long time and pay more money when you could arrange for one to be waiting for you? You might also want to look into rental cars in San Francisco while you’re booking your hotel, airfare, and other aspects of the travel, as money can often be saved with vacation packages.

Planning your vacation or business trip can be a very easy process, thanks to Expedia coupons and promo codes. In addition to saving on rental cars in San Francisco, you can also find discounts on plane tickets, entertainment and dining, hotel stays, and more.

Car Rental in LAX

Car Rental in LAX Overview of the Companies, Drop-Off Spots, & Vehicle Types

Since it’s one of the largest airports in the world, there are many people looking for car rental in LAX. Los Angeles doesn’t have the extensive subway system as NYC, so the best way to get around the area is with a rental vehicle. Don’t get stuck trying to hail a taxi at the overly crowded airport when you can just reserve a vehicle ahead of time.

You will need a specific class of vehicle depending on what kind of itinerary you are planning and the number of people are you traveling with. There are several rental agencies offering 9 different classes at the LA airport. Compact and economy two/4 door and mid-size cars are the most popular with tourists and business users alike. There are spacious vans available for an entire family or group of travelers who want to ride together. Luxury sedans come with features like smart technology and seat warmers. And, of course, since this is southern California, there are plenty of convertibles for anyone who wants to cruise on the highway with the roof down.

There are more than 180 pick-up and drop-off locations in and around Los Angeles. More than half of these spots are for Hertz, Enterprise, and Avis. Dollar Rent a Car, Thrifty, and Budget also have around a dozen pick-up spots around the city. All of these rental companies have an office at LAX airport. Compare the prices carefully and make sure you understand exactly what each company is trying to offer you.

Other Considerations for Car Rental

Don’t just automatically go with the cheapest car rental in LAX. You must also consider factors such as the location of your hotel, road conditions and time of your arrival. How close is your hotel to the airport? Will your plane be landing just in time for rush hour? Even during the night there can be traffic jams on the freeway. In all likelihood you will get stuck in traffic while driving in Los Angeles. If your hotel is located in a neighborhood that won’t be easy to get to from the airport, you should rent a car with good fuel efficiency.

When visiting the city of LA, there is an almost endless array of things to do: walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, relax at the Santa Monica Pier, go shopping in Beverly Hills, visit Universal Studios, etc. Why waste your money on car rental in LAX? Look for a good deal on a vehicle and save your money for all these other fun things.

Prices on car rental in LAX are impressively low when you use Expedia coupon codes. Take advantage of additional savings options when booking your next trip to LA. There are great deals to be found at Expedia.