Travel Package Deals

Travel Package Deals – What Kind of Vacation is Ideal for You? How Can You Save?

A lot of people prefer searching for travel package deals instead of just buying their plane ticket and booking a hotel room separately. This is because discounts are often available for those who book everything all at once. You might even get a bigger discount if you include a car rental as well.

Sometimes, there are travel package deals customized for a particular type of traveler. A few examples include:

• All-inclusive
• Family vacations
• Adults-only (no kids running around anywhere)
• Romantic / honeymoon / anniversary
• Exotic (African safari, private island somewhere in the South Pacific, exploring ancient ruins, etc…)
• Casino
• Golf
• Spa / salon
• Luxury trip
• Cruise

If any of these sound enticing for you, you can use them as a starting point when looking for travel deals.

A lot of these deals will require that you stay in your destination for a specific number of nights. You may or may not be able to extend your stay, depending on the hotel and airline. As with any type of travel offer, the more flexible you are with your plans, the more you’ll likely save.

Where Else to Look for Travel Package Deals

Don’t just search for deals at popular destinations, either. Sometimes the “off-the-beaten-path” vacation spots are not only cheaper, they also go more out of their way to keep tourists happy. There are lesser-known beaches, campground areas, mountains, lake areas, etc… that are just as enticing and gorgeous as the more popular ones.

If you simply want to take a few days to relax, then you might want to look into package deals offered by the resorts themselves. There are huge, sprawling resorts that offer an all-inclusive experience, including food, for its guests. Some of them even offer free shuttles to and from the nearest airport or train station.

If you feel constricted by your budget, just look for free things to do. Every destination has “freebies” nearby, such as free admission days to National Parks and museums. Instead of falling for tourist traps, think like a local. Do a bit of research on local forums and social media accounts to learn about the free and cheap stuff to do. You might also come across coupon offers that you can print out and use at local restaurants or stores.

Last-minute deals are usually worth looking into. If you’re not in any hurry and have the patience to sit and wait, some amazing last-minute travel package deals might just pop up.

At Expedia, you’ll find last-minute packages and other travel package deals. There are also regular discounts and offers that can’t be found anywhere else. Use Expedia promo codes when booking your next trip.

Hotel Room Deals

Hotel Room Deals Info – How to Get a Room Anywhere at a Discount Price

It doesn’t have to be hard to find hotel room deals. There are ways to get decent, yet cheap places to stay in any city or town in the world. All it takes is a bit of shopping around and comparing prices. You can even make use of insiders’ tips for getting the best deal possible every time you need a room.

While it’s often easier to get cheap deals by booking far in advance, that doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck if you have to make last-minute reservations. There are tools and apps available to help you get a cheap room at short notice.

Haven’t yet booked airfare? There are travel discount sites that offer Flight + Hotel deals, which often include one night for free just as long as you stay for the minimum number of required nights (usually around 3 or 4). Throw in a car rental for even more savings. While you’re at it, just look at vacation packages. Sometimes it’s cheaper just to do this than to book your hotel separately from everything else.

If you have already booked airfare, don’t worry – there are still hotel room deals available. Just compare rates and make room for as much flexibility as possible. Even if you have to settle for a room in a location further away than where you’d hope to be, the compromise may be worth the money you will save. Also, use a site that offers a lowest price guarantee. That way, even if you do find a cheaper rate for the exact same nights at the same hotel elsewhere, you can get recoup the money.

Evaluating Hotel Room Deals

When evaluating hotel room deals, don’t just consider the actual advertised rate. There are other important factors that affect the overall pricing, such as cancellation fees, credit card fees, third party booking fees, and so forth. Make sure you are booking at a legitimate site that won’t charge you these types of additional fees. The hotel itself shouldn’t charge a cancellation fee as long as you cancel within a timely manner (usually anywhere between three days and two weeks prior to the check-in date).

Make sure you know exactly what kinds of amenities are included in the room, so that you won’t have to pay any unexpected expenses upon your arrival. If you’ll be renting a vehicle, will you get free parking? If you won’t be renting a car, will you get a free shuttle to and from the airport? What about Wi-Fi and free breakfast? When comparing hotel room deals, the amenities are usually listed. Look over them carefully.

Expedia discounts are always very helpful when it comes to saving on hotels and resorts. The site also offers excellent customer service and shopping / comparison tools. Use Expedia to help you find the best hotel room deals possible.

Expedia Logo

Expedia Promo Code Guide – All About This Leading Travel Site and Special Offers Members Receive

Perhaps more so than any other travel site, Expedia offers the best coupons. It’s a very easy site to use and there are numerous ways to save on travel bookings. Users with Plus Memberships get access to even better coupon offers. If you’re making any type of travel plans, then you will be able to benefit with an Expedia promo code.

Want to spend a weekend in Vegas? Want to go on a family trip to Disney? Or how about a romantic getaway at a sunny beach somewhere? There are all types of vacations available with Expedia. The company owns travel discount sites in over 70 countries and works with airliners, hotel chains, resorts and casinos, and car rental companies all around the world in every city and region imaginable. Whether you’re looking for an international plane ticket or a ski resort deal, you should be able to find affordable prices at Expedia.

You’ll also find cruise deals and discounts on things like onboard credit and cabin upgrades. Don’t think that a Caribbean or Alaskan cruise has to be expensive.

Even if an Expedia promo code is expired, you still might get lucky with it. There are times when a coupon lasts longer than what is advertised. Even if it doesn’t, you can simply try another one.

Ordering a Trip With an Expedia Promo Code

You can book your entire trip from start to finish and use coupons on “Things to Do”, like going to a concert, taking a winery tour, scuba diving lessons, etc. In addition to rental cars, there are deals on private shuttles and even limos. Your airfare and ground transportation needs can all be covered. If you don’t like having to stick to an itinerary, you can simply book your Airfare + Hotel and/or Car Rental. An Expedia promo code doesn’t necessarily have to be used for a specific purpose. There are some that are more general in how they can be used.

Unlock access to the exclusive “Members Only” experience and earn rewards. You’ll receive special bonus offers and promo codes that ordinary users won’t have access to. Silver and Gold members get extra benefits like Priority customer service and Exclusive concierge benefits in popular destinations like Hawaii and Orlando.

Even if you don’t want to sign up to be a Plus Member, you can still use an Expedia promo code to help you save on your trip, no matter where you want to go. If you’re an app user, you can get up to 30% hotel discounts.

You can go ahead and view some Expedia promo code offers even if you’re not yet ready to book your trip. Looking at current offers will give you an idea of what you can expect. There are always ways to save.

Cheap Holidays

Cheap Holidays Recommendations – Beach Destinations, Mountain Retreats, Big City Getaways, and More

Where do you want to go this year? Whether you’re traveling by yourself, as a couple, or with friends / family / coworkers, there is nothing like a nice holiday away from home. Even if it’s just a short distance away, everybody needs a break sometimes. Maybe you’re looking for a Christmas or New Year’s getaway, or simply want to take a weekend off of work. Whatever the case may be, you can always use online travel sites to help you find cheap holidays.

There is no need to spend tons of money on a trip, even if it’s a long one. Why not head to a tourist spot where hotel rates are exceedingly cheap? Or, if you’re concerned about airfare, you could always take the train or go on a bus tour. Depending on the time of year and destination, flights can actually be inexpensive.

Want to go on a beach holiday? Consider one of these destinations:

• Sorrento, Italy
• Limassol, Cyprus
• Halkidiki, Greece
• Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
• Argentine Patagonia
• Tenerife (Canaries)

Ski Resorts for Cheap Holidays

Or, if you’d prefer a ski resort or a romantic retreat somewhere in the mountains, there are a few cheap holidays options:

• Blue Ridge Mountains (most areas)
• Angel Fire, New Mexico
• Snowshoe, WV (in Oct. or Nov.)
• Les Houches, France
• Vogel, Slovenia
• Borovets, Bulgaria

For some people, there is nothing like sightseeing in a big city. While hotels in downtown areas in most major cities can be costly, there are still ways to save depending on the time of year and tourist season. Here are a few options to consider:

• Budapest, Hungary
• Costa del Sol, Spain
• Las Vegas, NV
• Bangkok, Thailand
• Delhi, India
• Marmaris, Turkey

You shouldn’t feel limited to your budget. There are affordable places to stay in any destination. If you’re going overseas, check to see what kinds of packages your favorite airlines offer. Don’t forget about smaller, budget airlines either. Some of them do offer affordable airfare to a variety of destinations, and work with resorts and hotel chains to bring holiday goers good deals on packages.

Sometimes you might find last-minute deals as well. If you don’t have anything really specific in mind, just check and see what kinds of last-minute cheap holidays are available. There are 24-hour sales, weekly sales, monthly sales, etc. You can also browse by continent or holiday type. Don’t forget to look at train, bus, or car rental deals as well.

Use Expedia discounts when booking cheap holidays. Promo codes, coupons, and other types of deals are always available at the #1 travel site. You can compare rates and do research on different destinations, airlines, and hotels.

Flights from Denver to LAX – Guide to Choosing the Airline, Dates, Ground Transportation & More

The best way to get a good deal on airfare is to learn about the particular flight you’re interested in and conduct a search at a price comparison site. Which airlines offer that flight? Is it cheaper to book direct flights or flights with connections? When it comes to flights from Denver to LAX, the cheapest rates tend to be in the month of October. However, it’s always best to book a few weeks in advance to ensure the best deal.

Airlines that fly from Denver to LAX:

• Spirit
• Korean Air
• American Airlines
• Air new Zealand
• United
• Frontier
• Alaska Airline
• Air China
• Delta
• Southwest

For some of these airlines, LAX serves as a connection to an international flight. You can usually find good deals with Frontier, American Airlines, and Spirit Airlines. Just look online to compare fares.

The cheapest months to fly this route are usually October and February, and the most expensive is typically around May through August. However, there are always discounts to be found. It’s recommended that you fly to Los Angeles from Denver on either a Monday or a Wednesday when ticket prices tend to be lower. This, for the most part, is a relatively inexpensive flight. Even during high season, you can reasonably expect to find a plane ticket for under $200.

Duration of Flights from Denver to LAX

This is a fairly short flight of just two and half hours or so, as the distance between the two airports is around 860 miles. While direct flights tend to cost less, you still might find a good deal on a flight with a stop. On occasion, airlines like Delta will stop in Salt Lake City (SLC) on the way to LAX from Denver.

The earliest time you can fly this route is around 6:10 AM (Denver time) in the morning and the latest time is around midnight. If it’s a nonstop flight, you’ll arrive in Los Angeles in under three hours.

It’s crucial that you have your ground transportation and hotel reservation already taken care of before your arrival so you won’t have to wait around all day. There are airport shuttles, taxi cabs, car rentals, and buses to choose from. You might also want to check if any of the hotels offer airport shuttles for their guests.

Consider vacation package options when looking for flights from Denver to LAX. You might be able to get a huge discount if you book your hotel and flight at the same time. There are a lot of popular neighborhoods in and around Los Angeles, so look for vacation packages.

There are dozens of flights between these two cities every single day, so you have a variety of options. The best site for finding flights from Denver to LAX is Expedia. Coupons are available on a regular basis, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding a good deal. Also, look into Expedia vacation packages for Hollywood, Anaheim, Venice Beach, and more.

Tropical Vacations

Tropical Vacations Guide – An Overview of Affordable Tropical Beaches to Visit

Beach vacations are among the most popular getaways for all types of travelers. For many people, the hotter and more “tropical” the destination, the better. Tropical vacations include pristine sand, crystal aqua waters, palm trees, bungalows, and clear, sunny days.

These types of vacations are often thought to be expensive. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can find an affordable offer if you know where to look. In some countries, you might even be able to find low-priced all-inclusive resorts. There are a few destinations here and there in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia that offer affordable trips.

Where should you go?

Here are a few inexpensive tropical vacations to consider:

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Even though it’s an extremely popular beach, Playa del Carmen has its low-key, low-budget areas. Do a search for hotels and you’ll find numerous three and even four star accommodations for under $100 per night. You might want to look into a vacation package that includes airfare and a hotel room both.

Pattaya, Thailand

There are cheap beach accommodation options in Pattaya – especially around Jomtien Beach, which offers over 3 miles of shoreline. Hotels and hostels are so cheap here that it’s a popular destination for backpackers. How do you get there? Pattaya is 120 miles SE of Bangkok and you can drive there or take advantage of cheap bus services. You could also fly to the U-Tapao airport, which is approximately a one-hour drive to Pattaya.

Denpasar, Indonesia

The capital of Bali is known for its inexpensive lodging, with hotel rates around $20 a night. It makes a great spot for tropical vacations due to its gorgeous scenery, volcanoes, wildlife, scuba diving, cultural flair, and so forth. There are literally 1,000+ properties to choose from when comparing accommodation rates.


This is regarded by many experts to be one of the cheapest destinations in the Caribbean. Curacao offers the picturesque beaches you probably think of when you hear the phrase “tropical vacation”. It features the same type of vibrant Dutch architecture found in Aruba, yet is far more affordable.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

This is another affordable destination in the Caribbean, and it features golden sand, crystal clear water, and inexpensive all-inclusive resorts. You can save a bundle by choosing an all-inclusive hotel. There are usually a variety of vacation packages to choose from.

These are just a few examples of affordable, exotic vacation destinations. Don’t want to travel too far away? There are some US beaches that could be “tropical vacations”: Lanikai Beach, Hawaii, South Beach in Miami, FL, Key West, FL, and Myrtle Beach, SC.

It’s time to start comparing prices on holiday packages for tropical vacations. Discounts are found at Expedia, which is the best site for travel info. You can find all of the best deals and book your entire trip. There are also itinerary planning tools to help keep everything simple. Use Expedia promo codes to help you save on your beach vacation.

Expedia Logo

Expedia Flight Booking Info – Why You Should Consider Using This Reliable, Affordable Service

If you don’t choose the right website to book your vacation, you could wind up wasting or even outright losing money. There are quite a few websites that promise the best deals, but most of them really aren’t worth using. Many people opt for Expedia flight booking because the site has been around for decades and offers some of the best deals and reliable services.

If you haven’t used this site before, it’s a simple process to book your flight. You can simply enter the dates, cities, number of people traveling, and so forth. There is even an option to add a hotel room and car rental to your order and book everything at the same time. The itinerary information will be sent to your email. This will include the confirmation numbers. Save a copy of the itinerary to present to the ticket agent.

Expedia flight booking includes offers from major US airlines as well as international airlines. These include United, Delta, Continental, Alaska Airlines, US Airways, American Airlines, etc. You can usually find deals with the smaller carriers, like JetBlue, as well. If you have a preferred airline, just browse and see what kind of deals that airline currently has going through Expedia. It’s very easy to use the site’s tools to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, look over all of the current deals for some ideas.

Want to vacation near scenic mountains or white-sand beaches? Need to take a business trip to a big city? Whatever kind of trip you’re interested in, there should be some Expedia flight discount that will help you bring the cost down. Decide whether or not it would be worth it to book the airfare separately from the hotel or both of them together.

Expedia Flight Booking Reliability

A lot of people are concerned ordering e-tickets because they’re afraid that there will be a lack of customer service. This doesn’t have to be the case. Expedia flight booking IS reliable process and the company does offer good customer support.

If you travel a lot, you might want to consider the Expedia+ Membership. It allows you to earn points for all of the flights and hotels you book. You also get access to exclusive deals not available to regular users of the site.

You can find deals on airfare to all of the popular destinations as well as the lesser-known areas around the world. No matter where you need to fly to, you can count on Expedia flight booking.

Sign up and start using Expedia promo codes now if you don’t yet have an account. Start searching for your flight and hotel, or check out the current vacation package deals. For any destination, Expedia flight booking is an easy process.

Flights from MSP to Denver

Flights from MSP to Denver Guide – How to Book Airfare and Plan for Your Trip to Denver

The months of September through December are usually when the cheapest flights from MSP to Denver are available. If you want to fly from the Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport to Denver, you can often find the best deals during the fall and early winter. There is a distance of nearly 700 miles, so a nonstop flight will take around two hours. Keep in mind that there is a one-hour time difference as both regions are in different time zones.

You have the most options for departure on Sunday as there are flights available throughout the day and night. Saturday has the least amount of flights. There are usually 7 airlines that fly non-stop from MSP to Denver. In recent months, Southwest was the most popular airline.

People travel to Denver for a variety of reasons, some of which for business and some for leisure. Flying into this city will bring you right at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. There is a combination of exciting outdoor activities, sophisticated nightlife, high-end shopping, and historic places in the city of Denver, CO. The average number of nights visitors from Minneapolis spend in Denver is 7.

In addition to Southwest, you can also fly with one of these airlines: Delta, United, Spirit, Sun Country, Air Canada, and Frontier. Regardless of which airline you choose, there is a common delay of approximately 55 minutes. Keep that in mind when making your public transportation plans. Air Canada often offers the earliest flight between these two cities.

Ways to Reach the City After Flights from MSP to Denver

Denver is 18 miles from the International Airport. There are numerous options for getting to the downtown area as soon as you hop off of your plane. At a very low cost, you can take the airport rail to Denver Union Station. This ride takes approximately 37 minutes. You can also rent your own car, take a taxi, or Uber. You can take the airport express bus (skyRide).

Whether you want to drive your own car to the MSP airport or take public transportation, there are plenty of options as well. Do you want to drive yourself? You can leave your vehicle at one of the many car parks around the airport. There are various long-term and short-term paring options. The maximum limit is 45 days.

When searching for flights from MSP to Denver, don’t forget to look for a hotel room. Sometimes it’s cheaper to book both at the same time. Denver vacation packages are always worth looking into.

Use Expedia to help you find discount flights from MSP to Denver, as well as a hotel stay and car rental. You might also want to look into Denver vacation packages. Expedia coupons are almost always available.

Luxury Cruise Lines

Luxury Cruise Lines Overview – What to Expect from Some of the Best Luxurious Cruises

While most people look for bargain cruises, there are still those who want far more than the standard experience. If you hope to have a luxurious time on a cruise, there are a few nice options to choose from. These luxury cruise lines consistently offer the highest quality accommodation and world-class service.

Which one is right for you?


This cruise line offers all-round greatness. Its fleet of luxury ships can carry anywhere from 2,000 to 2,700 passengers. The company aims to offer its guests with a “Golden Era” atmosphere. The fares are actually reasonable – you won’t have spent a lot of money in order to enjoy the luxuries. Cunard offers cruises in the Caribbean, Canary Islands, and Alaska.

Azamara Club

The great thing about this cruise line is that it offers trips to remote destinations. Go off-the-beaten path to places like Cartagena, Palma de Mallorca, and Malaga. The ships are either small or medium-size, so you can expect an intimate experience. The suites and cabins are designed with a “revitalized boutique hotel” style.

Crystal Cruises

This stands out in the series of luxury cruise lines for its river cruises. Enjoy a voyage along the Rhine or Danube and view gorgeous European scenery. Crystal Cruises also offers a world cruise, which will take you to the natural wonders of Africa and Australia by way of the Indian Ocean and South Pacific. The ships themselves are praised for their luxury and space. Each ship features a casino, spa, specialty restaurants, gym, and much more.

Regent Seven Seas

If you’re after an all-inclusive experience, this is the ship line for you. You don’t have to pay for extra drinks, Wi-Fi, tours, specialty dining, and in some instances, even airfare. These cruises prioritize luxury and feature six-star, all-balcony suites. There are personalized programs and services, so all of your personal needs will be taken care of. Itineraries include everything from a 7 night Cuba cruise to a 131 night world cruise.


Choose between the classic, comfortable small ships to the Expedition fleet, which takes you on unique adventures. There is a huge range of itineraries, including the usual and unusual. This is one of the few luxury cruise lines that offer guests the chance to visit places like Bangladesh, West Africa, and Russia Far East.


This award-winning line has an unmatched sense of elegance and style on its ships. While it’s based in Seattle, Seabourn offers cruises all around the world. You can explore the Caribbean, South America, Alaska and BC, Australia, or any other region. In your suite, you will have luxury perks like fine Egyptian cotton linens and your own private in-suite bar, which is stocked daily.

You can learn more about all of these luxury cruise lines and view photos of the ships online.

Where can you go to find discounts on luxury cruise lines? At Expedia, you have the tools you need for finding the perfect luxurious cruise. Just compare rates and itineraries and look at pictures of all of the ships. Filter results according to price, number of nights, departure port, and so forth. Use Expedia coupon codes to reduce the cost.

Hotel Booking Deals

Hotel Booking Deals Tips – Things You Can Do to Find the Lowest Hotel Rates Possible

You don’t have to go broke staying at a decent hotel. There are literally dozens of strategies you can employ in order to find hotel booking deals. All you have to do is visit a travel discount site that will allow you to search thousands upon thousands of rooms, suits, and vacation rentals, comparing rates and amenities.

If you already have a favorite hotel, sign up for its loyalty program and stick with it. Most hotels have a loyalty program of some sort where you can receive points. After accumulating so many points, you can trade them in for free nights. Most travel discount sites have their loyalty programs as well.

It’s a good idea to sign up to receive price drop alerts. There are some apps and newsletters that will automatically notify you the second hotel rates in a particular city drop to the rate you specify. Why do all of the hard work yourself when you can just have these programs do it for you?

Sometimes picking a different neighborhood is a good way to save money, although you need to look over a map and do a bit of research to ensure that the alternative neighborhood is a safe place and that it is easy to get to from the airport and all of the attractions you want to experience. Staying in the heart of any city is probably going to cost more, and you might be able to save some bucks if you opt for outside the city center, so long that the area you stay at is still near public transportation.

Coupon Codes for Hotel Booking Deals

Keep an eye out for coupon codes. You can usually find these under the “travel” section of coupon and promo code sites. They can be redeemed at particular booking sites. You’ll be surprised at how many discounts you can find for hotel rooms, airfare, cruise lines, restaurants, museums, and other travel related expenses. Just read the terms and conditions so you’ll know exactly how you can use the coupon and how it can be applied to your trip. Since many offers have expiration dates, you might only have a short time to use them. However, new ones are popping up all the time.

Search for hotel booking deals in addition to airfare. Some sites offer discounts if you bundle everything together. For instance, you might see advertisements for “Airfare + 3 Nights Hotel”. You might end up saving more money this way as opposed to booking everything separately.

The best hotel booking deals can often be found at Expedia. Use the site to search through hundreds of thousands of properties around the world. While you’re at it, sign up for the Expedia + Membership program and use promo codes.