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Cheap Cruises Info – Learn How to Cruise at the Lowest Possible Rate

If you want to go on a cruise, you’re not alone. They have been becoming more and more popular over the years. They are also pretty affordable – especially when compared to other types of vacations. It’s not all that difficult to find cheap cruises, whether you want to set sail in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Hawaiian Islands, or anywhere else.

Some experts recommend sailing on older ships in order to save money. While they’re still kept clean and well-maintained, older ships don’t always feature all of the fancy amenities. Newer ships are almost like floating amusement parks. Unless you’re traveling with kids, you can probably stick with the older, cheaper ships.

The lowest rates for fares are usually in the fall months when kids are back to school. It’s also possible to find low fares between New Year’s and Spring Break. However, prices go up considerably during the holidays and during the summer months when families with kids want to cruise.

It’s very possible to save a lot of money if you go on a repositioning cruise. This is the time of year when a ship relocates from one region to another, like migrating to the Mediterranean in the summer or the Caribbean Islands in the winter. It’s not uncommon for fares to drop by 50% for one of these sailings.

What Do Cheap Cruises Include?

Always know what is included in a cruise. Cheap cruises might seem appealing at first, but there is always the possibility that some have hidden fees. The flat rate usually includes regular accommodation, some onboard entertainment, dining, and basic Wi-Fi. On a mainstream cruise, you will likely have to pay extra for beverages other than water, shore excursions, and other miscellaneous expenses. Think about what you will need and what you can do without. Read the fine print so you’ll know exactly what a particular cruise package is offering.

It’s not always a good idea to wait until the last minute. While there are some last minute cruise deals that pop up, If cruise prices always dropped at the last minute, all passengers would wait until the last minute to book. This doesn’t mean that booking far in advance will help you save money, either. Just like airfare, cruise prices fluctuate all the time. Experiment with different dates when searching for cruises to see when the rates are lowest.

Don’t think that cheap cruises offer cheap shore excursions. Cruise-run excursions are often over-priced in order to make up for the cheap fare. Instead, plan your own activities directly. A shore excursion can be something as simple as walking along the beach or going sightseeing.

Expedia is a good source of information for all types of cruises, from Caribbean to Alaskan. Whether you’re interested in a short cruise or two week cruise, be sure to use Expedia discount codes. There are always deals on cheap cruises and airfare.

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