Cheap Flights to Europe

Cheap Flights to Europe – Tips on Saving Money on European Travel

There are many travel destinations in Europe. Europe is known for its fine arts, history, charming villages, and sports. Places like London, Rome, Amsterdam, and Paris are a perfect mixture of the ancient and the new. Whether you want to shop in Paris, tour haunted castles in Ireland, go skiing in the Alps, or exploring in Romania, you can find some cheap flights to Europe!

Getting around the continent is simple. You can even get to France from England without any hassle! You’ll probably spend the most money on the airfare from North America to Europe. Once you’re there, getting around won’t cost as much.

Here are some tips on traveling to Europe:

– If you plan on spending time in more than one city, you should fly one way.

– Once you arrive in Europe, check out some airfare offers from smaller airliners, such as Icelandair and Aer Lingus.

– If you start and finish in the UK, Ireland, France, or Germany, you’ll save the most money.

– Check out sites such as Expedia. You will be able to compare prices from multiple airlines.

– Be flexible with your departure date and you can get find a really good deal! Airfare can go up or down every single day.

When searching for cheap flights to Europe, you need to choose a departure city. If you live near an international airport, then you shouldn’t have any trouble. If you don’t live near an international airport, then you must factor in the transportation costs TO an international airport. Will it be cheaper for you to first fly domestically to a major airport and then fly to Europe? Or would it be cheaper to just drive to the major airport?

You can also save on airfare if you choose a vacation package. Some packages are all-inclusive and include EVERYTHING: airfare, a hotel room, car rental, food, etc. These types of packages are especially popular in tourist cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, London, and Rome. If you really don’t need a car rental then you can find some simple airfare and hotel packages.

Just 10 years ago, it would’ve been almost impossible to find airfare to Europe for less than $1,000. Now, the price can be half of that! Imagine flying to London or Dublin for $500 – $600! This is a real possibility if you know where to look.

The money you save on cheap flights to Europe can be spent on fun activities such as skiing on the Swiss Alps or backpacking all across the continent! You might also want to check out some Mediterranean cruises!

Start your search for cheap flights to Europe at Expedia! It doesn’t matter where your departure and destination cities are: flying to Europe doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! You can also find discounts on everything from hotels to Mediterranean cruises at Expedia.

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