Coupons for Rental Cars

Coupons for Rental Cars: What Should You Know About Online Coupons? How Can You Save on a Car?

It is so easy to find travel deals these days – especially when it comes to rental cars. Whether you’re traveling for business or going on a vacation, you’ll probably need your own vehicle at some point. You won’t have to spend that much money on one, thanks to all of the coupons for rental cars available on the internet.

Most of these deals come in the form of either e-coupons that you can click on to activate or promo codes that you can enter into the booking form when you are reserving your vehicle. Just make sure it’s entered correctly before you finalize the order.

There are literally dozens of auto rental companies to choose from, all of which have some kind of deal going on. If you already have a preferred company, you can narrow your search for coupons down. If not, then here is a master list of car rental companies, both popular and lesser-known:

• Ace
• Advantage
• Alamo
• Avis
• Budget
• Dollar
• Enterprise
• EZ Rent a Car
• Fox
• Hertz
• National
• Payless
• Sixt
• Thrifty

There are also a few companies that are regional and only available in certain areas or countries. Also, you might come across coupons for rental cars that can only be used in specific locations. All of the aforementioned companies have multiple offices across the world.

What to Avoid With Coupons for Rental Cars

It’s crucial that you DO NOT just click on the very first nice-looking discount offer you come across. Be sure to read the fine print. Make sure it hasn’t expired and that you are eligible to use it. Some car rental promo codes cannot be used with other discounts, like credit card loyalty points or AARP savings.

Sometimes deals are available if you book the car, airfare, and hotel room all at the same time. The leading travel discount sites will give you the option to select “airfare”, “airfare + hotel”, or “hotel + airfare + car” when entering your planned travel dates. This is an option you might want to consider.

Some coupons for rental cars are very specific in which you can use them for, and others are general. Also, keep in mind that you can usually save on the rental if you make your reservation at an office NOT located at the airport. Renting a car at an airport will actually cost extra money more often than not – even if it’s the same company and type of vehicle. If you absolutely must rent an automobile at an airport, make sure you have a good coupon on hand!

The easiest way to find offers and use coupons for rental cars is to make your reservation through Expedia. While you’re at it, look over hotel and airfare packages as well. Why not just bundle everything up together?

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