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Expedia Vacation Packages Overview – What Are Your Options for Finding a Good Deal On a Vacation?

If you take care of your travel plans online, you’ve probably noticed a lot of “package” deals that include airfare + X number of nights at a particular hotel. Expedia vacation packages in particular are popular with a lot of leisure travelers and business travelers alike. Are they worthwhile?

There are many instances when it’s cheaper to go with a package like this instead of booking everything separately. On Expedia’s website, you can search for a rental car in addition to airfare and hotel room and just combine everything at once.

It’s a good idea to check out the “Daily Deals” section as well, as you will find some of the best deals over the next 24 hours. Daily deals are usually for popular destinations such as New York, Miami, Cancun, and Los Angeles. They can be for anywhere from two nights to six nights. Airfare may or may not be included. If it is included, there will be an airplane icon.

Even if you plan on staying with a friend or relative it still might be worth looking into Expedia vacation packages that include a hotel stay, as it could still be cheaper than booking airfare alone. You’ll likely be able to cancel the hotel reservation at the last minute. Just read the terms and conditions before going through with the booking.

Expedia Vacation Package for Beach Travel

Heading to the beach? Expedia has an “Escape to Paradise” section dedicated to packages in Latin American destinations like Cancun, San Andres, Cozumel, Kingston, Oranjestad, and Los Cabos. The price for each vacation includes a 4 – 7 night stay at a popular resort and airfare from international airports. Prices vary depending on date, hotel, length of stay, availability, departure city, etc. You might get to choose the hotel room category yourself, depending on what is available.

Traveling with family? There is a section of Expedia dedicated to family-friendly vacations in all sorts of destinations. These packages include a stay at a hotel that has activities for kids of all ages. Expedia allows you to look for family vacation packages by continent. Whether your family is interested in visiting amusement parks, museums, sports activities, arts and crafts, or any other type of activity or adventure, you should be able to find the ideal package.

There are a variety of theme-specific Expedia vacation packages to choose from, such as romantic / honeymoon vacations, ski vacations, golf vacations, budget vacations, cruises, and more. The site is very easy to navigate. You can also install the app and sign up to receive alerts.

While they are usually affordable to begin with, you can use Expedia vacation packages discounts to bring the price down even more. Look over all of the deals – including Expedia promotional codes and coupons – to learn how they can be applied when you book your vacation.

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