Flights from Dublin to New York

Flights From Dublin to New York – the Factors That Influence Price

Are you planning to travel to New York? There are many flights from Dublin to New York and knowing the place to find the best deals is very important. The beauty of travelling to New York is that there are many airlines competing for passengers and this greatly increases customer choice.

Air fares from Dublin to New York also tend to vary greatly and that is why careful choice of airline is recommended. For starters, the amount you pay will be influenced by the destination airport. After departing from Dublin, you could choose to land at one of New York’s three airports – the JFKIA, La Guardia or Newark International airport. All three are served by different airlines and the fares tend to vary substantially.

Some of the most popular airlines serving this route include Virgin Atlantic, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, AER Lingus, Air Canada and British Airways. In total, there are eleven airlines serving this route and the types of aircrafts also vary immensely. This is an extremely busy route and the number of flights every week is close to 160, a huge number in the airline industry.

Time Effect on Flights from Dublin to New York

The airfare is also influenced by the time you purchase your ticket. Tickets obtained on the day of travel are generally dearer than those obtained in advance and it helps to make an advance booking. Currently, a Delta ticket booked today for this route, for example, is $400 more expensive than one booked 21 days in advance.

With so many factors influencing the airfare, you might not know how to choose an airline to make maximum savings. That is why it is important to use the services of a reputable travel agency such as Expedia. Expedia maintains close relationship with most suppliers and in return they get the best deals, discounts, and great coupons. These are then transferred to their customers.

If you plan to travel before August 12 and book a flight with Expedia, you stand to save impressive discounts. A round trip from Dublin to New York should cost you as little as $ 1,233 on BMI, American Airlines or Aer Lingus. If you obtain an air flight + hotel package, you will save up to $ 450.

The airfare you will pay also depends on where you will connect to New York. The cheapest way is to connect from London. If you desire to board a nonstop flight, you can book with United Airlines for $ 2,370.

For further details on flights from Dublin to New York, visit Expedia and discover the cheapest way to fly to New York.

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