Flights from LAX to DFW

Flights from LAX to DFW Overview: How to Plan for This Flight and Save the Most Money

Sometimes Californians just want to get away for a few days. Or perhaps you’re a Texan who needs to return home from Los Angeles. Regardless of why you need to go to Dallas, you should take the time to compare rates on flights from LAX to DFW. This is a popular route since both cities have large, busy airports, and dozens of airlines serve both.

You really don’t want to search for flights from LA to Dallas individually since it could take days. It’s best to use a search aggregator to view all of the flights between the two cities on the date(s) you specify. Simply go down and look at what each airline offers. Compare the times, duration, number of connections (if any), airlines, baggage fees, etc. If you need a hotel room and car rental as well, there should be an option to search for them at the same time as flights. There are savings options for business travelers as well.

It takes nearly 3 hours to fly from LAX to DFW on an average nonstop flight; a distance of 1,232 miles is covered. You get several airlines to choose from every single day, including American Airlines, United, Delta, and Alaska Airlines, and Spirit. Of these airlines, Delta is often rated as the most reliable for flights from LAX to DFW. You can typically save a bit of money by flying nonstop. On flights with at least one-stop, the connection is in cities such as Phoenix, Austin, San Diego, or San Antonio.

Lower Costs of Flights from LAX to DFW

While rates fluctuate continually and are typically more costly on the weekends, many travelers insist that Saturday is still the cheapest day to depart from Los Angeles to Dallas. When flying back to Los Angeles from DFW, it’s usually recommended to depart on a Wednesday. Need to be in Dallas at a specific time? The earliest flight leaving LAX is 12:59 AM (Pacific Time) and the last flight leaves around 11:59 PM (PT).

The cheapest month for flights from LAX to DFW is usually in January. The best time to book the airfare is approximately 2.5 months prior to departure. At the very least, it’s ideal to book two weeks before departure. Last minute deals are rare, so you might not want to take any risks.

There are plenty of affordable hotels and inns to stay at in Dallas and surrounding areas. Consider searching for a hotel room along with flights from LAX to DFW. Sometimes better discounts are available when you book both at once.

Whenever you need to go, you can start your search for discount flights from LAX to DFW today. It just takes a bit of looking around at Expedia deals to find the lowest fare. Don’t forget to look for Dallas hotel discounts as well.

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