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All Inclusive Trips Overview: What Kind of Packages Are Available? What Are the Most Popular Destinations?

If you don’t want any stress at all involved in your vacation planning (and who does?) the best way to ensure a peace of mind is to go with all inclusive. This way, food, drinks, activities, and a stay at a nice hotel will all be taken care of for the duration of your stay. Some all inclusive trips may even include transportation around the hotel and popular tourist spots.

What about internet? You’ll likely get fast Wi-Fi as well. This amenity in a vacation package is essential if you plan on doing any kind of work at all while you stay at the hotel.

One way to find a great deal is to check with the airlines themselves. Some airline companies partner with hotels and resorts in certain destinations in providing all inclusive trips to customers. These packages offer more than just a roundtrip plane ride and hotel stay. You can also receive free meals at the resort, free beverages, free entertainment, and access to water sports if the resort is near a large body of water. After all, beach vacations are the most popular.

Many of these vacations come with specific themes. For instance, there are Family-Friendly resorts that are tailored towards adults traveling with children, and Adults-Only Resorts intended for adults who want to relax without kids running around everywhere. There are all inclusive Honeymoon and romantic-themed vacation packages as well.

Want to play golf, or any sport for that matter? Look for vacation packages filled with sports and outdoor activities. Stay at a resort with a golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc, with an itinerary centered around your favorite sport.

Family-Friendly resorts usually have kids’ programs for children of specific age groups. Many of them have good, reliable daycare services.

Popular Destinations for All Inclusive Trips

Regardless of what you are looking for, here is a list of some popular all inclusive trips you might be interested in:

• Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
• Montego Bay, Jamaica
• Orlando, FL
• Bora Bora in French Polynesia
• Cozumel, Mexico
• La Romana, Dominican Republic
• Maui, Hawaii
• Las Vegas, NV
• Santorini Island
• Bali, Indonesia
• Hokkaido, Japan
• Barcelona, Spain
• New York, NY

There is no rule that says all inclusive trips have to be confined to a single destination. You can usually get the most for your money by going on an all inclusive cruise. Hit multiple fun destinations in a single week. Sleeping in a cruise ship cabin is even more affordable than sleeping in a typical hotel room, and the ships are just as clean. With an all inclusive cruise package, you can stay in an upgraded luxury suite.

Look at Expedia deals on all inclusive trips and bee amazed at some of the offers. They are affordable and feature nice itineraries. You can also search for a specific vacation destination and use the site’s tools to help you create your itinerary.

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