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Low Price Vacations Guide – Must-Visit Affordable Destinations in the US

If you want to get away from home for a few days but don’t want to go too far, all you have to do is look for cheap airfare and hotel offers and book yourself a vacation at a nearby city or state. Depending on the time of year and availability, you can find some really great, low price vacations.

Where should you go? Here are a few recommendations of cheap destinations in the US:


The Windy City is fairly affordable thanks to activity-filled public parks, wide variety of hotels and budget inns, and airport served by many different airlines, including the small budget airliners. No matter where you’re flying from, you should be able to obtain airfare at a reasonably low price.

Myrtle Beach

This Southeastern destination offers some of the most affordable beach destinations. There is a lot of charm in the beach houses and cottages painted in pastel shades of blue, yellow, and pink. You’ll find that there are a wide variety of resorts and hotels that offer direct access to the beach.

Santa Fe

Go West to New Mexico and go gallery hopping or visit the historic central Plaza, where you’ll hear live music and enjoy snacks from street vendors. Stay near Cerrillos Road if you’re interested in modern activities such as shopping at retail outlets. As long as you avoid going in May, which is high season, you shouldn’t have any problems finding cheap accommodation.


Another popular western destination, Phoenix is an affordable city to fly to AND stay at. There are actually nice, three-star hotels with very cheap rates this time of year. Airfare from most cities is pretty reasonable as well. While you’re there, you might want to take a detour to the Grand Canyon. Packages are available that include transportation to / from central Phoenix hotels.

Washington DC

There is nothing like seeing the Nation’s Capitol without spending much money. Fly straight to Dulles Airport or one of the many nearby cities like Baltimore or Annapolis. There are literally dozens of Smithsonian museums that are free to enter. Go shopping at the National Mall. Don’t forget to pay your respects at Arlington as well. Stay at one of the many affordable hotels in the DC area.

These are just a few suggestions of places to visit on a budget. Other low price vacations can be found in Atlantic City, Buffalo, Grand Rapids, Minneapolis / St. Paul, Milwaukee, and Norfolk.

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