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RSW Car Rental Booking & Southwestern FL Travel Deals Overview

Since all of southwestern FL is easily accessible by vehicle, it’s not surprising that so many tourists and business travelers are looking for RSW car rental deals. Whether you want to relax on a Gulf of Mexico beach, go shopping in Fort Myers, attend a meeting at a luxury condo, etc…, you will always find budget prices at places like Expedia.

The rental car facility at RSW is located across the street from the baggage claim area. It’s recommended that you reserve your vehicle ahead of time so that you can bypass the lines. A rental car shuffle is located at the end of the parking garage if you need to go off-site to pick your vehicle up.

The leading car renting companies all have locations on the Terminal Access Road, and Enterprise has an additional pickup/drop-off location at 1239 Homestead Road North.

It’s a good idea to look at a variety of offers and compare prices, vehicles and services of all of the RSW car rental companies.

Comparison sites make it easy to look for deals on specific dates. Simply enter information such as the location, arrival date, and number of days for which you will need a car rental. You can narrow the results down more by entering specific times. Choosing a company that works closely with the RSW airport is essential just in case there are any problems, such as a delayed or cancelled flight. Note that off-site rentals may not have ideal operational hours for your arrival and departure.

What to Do With Your RSW Car Rental

Most travelers look for cheap compact car rentals. Nobody wants to wait around for a bus or taxi when they can get out onto the road and start exploring on their own, right after walking out of the airport. However, if you are bringing your family along and have a lot of luggage, there are always larger vehicles to choose from, ranging from full-size sedans to SUVs and vans.

What do you do when you’re finally behind the wheel? Fort Myers and surrounding areas are filled with beaches, everglades, walking tours, parks, Edison and Ford Winter Estates, and more. If you go during baseball season, be sure to visit MLB’s training camps. During winter months, the Manatee Park is extremely popular with tourists, as the sea mammals flock to the area for its warm pockets of water.

Whether you’ve already booked your flight and need to book an RSW car rental separately, or plan to buy an all-inclusive Southwestern FL vacation package, there is usually some type of deal available online.

The best place to look for RSW car rental discounts is Expedia. The travel discount comparing site makes it easy for you to find the accommodations you need when you need them. Always check and see if Expedia promo codes are available to help you save even more money on your booking.

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