Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line Overview of the Popular Ships, Itineraries, Programs, and Deals

One of the biggest names in the cruise industry is Carnival. This cruise line has a fleet of large, impressive ships that sail the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, and Alaska several times throughout the year. Regardless of the season, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a good Carnival cruise line deal.

The company has come a long way since 1972. It literally carries millions of people every year on its ships. There are around 26 ships (and new ones coming) to choose from for your journey, which operate from 3 – 24 day voyages. Departure cities are located on every coast in the US, as well as in Canada, Barbados, and Puerto Rico. While Carnival cruise line is mostly known for its Caribbean cruises, it still offers itineraries in other places such as Alaska and Mexico.

The most highly-rated ships in the fleet include:

• Carnival Glory
• Carnival Dream
• Carnival Pride
• Carnival Conquest
• Carnival Valor
• Carnival Liberty

This cruise line is very popular, not only because its fleet is made up of impressive ships, but because it offers the most competitive prices in the industry. Anybody can afford a Carnival cruise and the ports are easy to get to.

Despite the low pricing, the cabins are not cheap. Even the most standard cabins include deluxe plush mattresses, robes, high-quality linens, and other “Comfort Bed” amenities. Specialized cruises, such as weddings and golf offerings, are available.

Onboard Activities on a Carnival Cruise Line

There is a wide variety of onboard activities with Carnival cruise line. Passengers of all ages will find something to keep them entertained. Whether you want to relax in a spa, eat at a pizzeria every day, have a fine dining experience, watch live shows, shop, participate in fitness activities, etc…, there will be plenty of options for you.

Traveling with children? Carnival cruises have children’s programs and “onboard camp for kids”. There are a variety of programs for kids of different age groups. Camp Ocean, for instance, is usually for kids between two and five years. Your kids will be kept safe by the experienced youth staff and counselors on the ship while you go on shore at the port. If you want to take them with you, there are family-friendly excursions available.

It’s easy to find deals with Carnival cruise line. You can customize your search by selecting the number of nights you would prefer (2-5 days, 6-9 days, 10+ days), the departure port, the region you want to explore (Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, Alaska, Bermuda, Bahamas, etc..), and the time of year you want to travel. Just narrow down the results and compare itineraries and rates.

You can usually get HUGE Carnival cruise line discounts at Travelocity. Search for the type of cruise you’re after and compare the low rates. Or, you can simply conduct a search for Carnival cruises to find out what kinds of deals Travelocity offers.

Flights from SFO to HKG

Flights from SFO to HKG Guide – How and When to Fly from San Francisco to Hong Kong

September and April are usually THE months to fly from San Francisco to Hong Kong if you’re looking for a good deal. The airfare during these two months tends to be the cheapest. This isn’t the shortest flight, so be prepared to spend a lot of time in the air. The average duration of flights from SFO to HKG is 13 and a half hours, covering a distance of nearly 7,000 miles. Book at least 46 days prior to departure, unless you have the patience to wait around for a possible last-minute deal.

Many experts recommend to fly out on a Monday and to avoid flying out on a Saturday, if possible. For the return trip back to San Francisco, discounts are typically found on a Sunday.

If you’ve never flown into the Hong Kong International Airport before, arrivals from SFO will usually land at one of two terminals. An automated train system connects the buildings. All of the major carriers are represented and there are passenger services, free Wi-Fi, banks, restaurants, and other convenient amenities. For this particular route, look for deals with airlines such as United, Air China, American, Singapore Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, and Cathay Pacific.

The San Francisco International Airport is a major hub for flights going to Asia. It’s located just 13 miles from downtown SF and is well-connected to the city through a transportation network comprising of buses and a rail network (Caltrain and BART). You can also get there from San Mateo County via SamTrans, or shared rides, taxis, and shuttles.

Non-stop Flights from SFO to HKG

It’s easy to find nonstop flights from SFO to HKG. However, there are also some flights with connections at airports like Beijing (PEK) and Taipei (TPE). There may or may not be a price difference between the nonstop flights and the flights with connections. It’s good to carefully look over all of the options and compare prices before making a decision.

Of the airlines that offer the flights, American Airlines and Cathay Pacific fly the most frequently. In the month of September, it’s not uncommon to find airfare for under $500 per person from San Francisco to Hong Kong. You can sometimes find good deals in early October as well.

After booking flights from SFO to HKG, you must figure out how to actually get around the city of Hong Kong. Luckily, there are plenty of public transportation options to and from the airport, including Airport Express, public buses, Hotel Coaches, and more. If you’ve never traveled to Hong Kong before, it’s recommended that you stay at a hotel near HKG that offers shuttles to and from the airport.

Use Expedia as your source of information regarding flights from SFO to HKG. Discounts and exclusive offers are easy to get a hold of for Expedia members. You can find additional deals on hotel rooms, car rentals, and all inclusive vacation packages as well.

Travelocity Logo

Travelocity Promo Coupon Overview – How to Get the Best Deals Possible with Airfare, Hotels, Cruises, and More

What destination do you have in mind for your next vacation? Or do you have to prepare for a business trip soon? Wherever you go, Travelocity is there to help. Use the site and its search tools to find affordable travel deals. Since 1996, people have been using the site to book their trips. You can usually count on a Travelocity promo coupon to reduce the costs of your travel expenses even more.

Read the coupon carefully to make sure it can be used with your booking. Some discounts may only be applied to stand-alone bookings instead of a vacation package OR vice versa. If there are any specific requirements on how a promo code can be used then you should read the terms and conditions.

Sometimes deals can be found under Travelocity’s “24 Hour Sale”. The site often offers discounts of 40% off or more on packages, which can include the nightly rate for a hotel stay or a flight + 4 or more night stay at a participating hotel.

A lot of people like using Travelocity to find discounts on cruises. Cruise ships are very popular these days, as they give people the chance to visit beautiful islands and go on exciting excursions in or around the ocean. The ships themselves offer a taste of luxury – even for those who stay in cheap cabins. The best rates can usually be found at Travelocity. The site offers tools to help you search for and find the ideal cruise. Search by destination, number of nights, cruise line, and so forth. Look for a Travelocity promo coupon that can be used for either the cruise itself or airfare to the disembarking port city.

Travelocity Promo Coupon for Members

There are often members-only deals that are exclusive to Travelocity users. Sign up as a member (it’s free) and let the company send you discount offers that can’t be found anywhere else. You can receive email updates on the newest airline sales, hotel deals, cruise discounts, car rental rates, and so forth.

Another way to get exclusive offers is to use the Travelocity App. You can book an entire trip through your smartphone. Just apply the promo code or coupon as you normally would when using the website.

In addition to low prices and exclusive discounts, Travelocity offers excellent customer service. You get a low-price guarantee on hotels and flights. If a competitor site offers a lower price after you have already booked, Travelocity will refund you the difference.

Now that you know how to use the site, see if there is currently a Travelocity promo coupon that you can use for your upcoming trip.

Whether you need to fly to a big city like New York or Chicago, or want to go on a Caribbean cruise, you should first check and see what kind of Travelocity promo coupon you’ll be able to use. There will surely be some sort of discount available to help you save.

Hotel Search Sites

Hotel Search Sites Guide – How to Determine if a Travel Search Website is Worth Using

These days, a lot of people turn to hotel search sites that utilize aggregation technology in order to view and compare multiple hotel rates all at once. Even the less-touristy cities have dozens if not hundreds of hotels, motels, and B&Bs to choose from. It can be a hassle to get a quote from each and every one individually. This is why many people opt to view them all at once and go down the page comparing rates.

There are many such sites that offer this kind of service, but not all of them are worth using. Some charge outrageous booking fees and don’t offer any type of low-price guarantee. Some are not reliable at all, while others offer top-notch customer service.

It’s recommended that you use a site that will help you find exactly what you need in a hotel room. If you have any special requests, such as a late check-in time, the site should ensure that those requests are met. There should also be an option to book an accessible room as well if anybody in your party has special needs.

Nobody likes cancellation fees. Unfortunately, some third party hotel booking sites have them. You think you’ve found a huge discount on a room, but then have a change of plans and realize that you must pay a fee for cancelling. Check and make sure that the site you are using has a no cancellation fee guarantee. It should also be easy to change plans or postpone your trip.

Find Flights in Hotel Search Sites

Do you need to fly to your destination? Then you’ll need a plane ticket right along with your hotel room. The great thing about some hotel search sites is that they also offer airfare and car rental search tools. You have the option to search for everything all at once and maybe get a discount in the process. These “bundle deals” are worth considering. All of the tools you need for planning your entire trip can be right at your fingertips.

Not only can you compare prices of multiple hotels at once, you can compare other things as well such as location, number of stars, popularity of the hotel, distance to the attractions you’re interested in seeing, and so forth.

Another important thing to consider when it comes to hotel search sites is a lowest-price guarantee – even after you’ve already booked the room. If there is a price drop after making your reservations, you should be refunded with the difference.

Which of the hotel search sites really does offer good customer service, including a lowest-price guarantee? Travelocity is a great place to start. It allows you to find deals on hotel rooms, suites, vacation rentals, and hostels all around the world. There are also Travelocity discounts on airfare and car rentals.

Cheap Last Minute Cruises

Cheap Last Minute Cruises Overview – What to Look for in a Last Minute Itinerary and Ship

Sometimes the best cruise deals can be found at the last minute. If you’re not picky with the travel dates, you can simply wait until cheap last minute cruises pop up at your favorite travel site. Perhaps you can go around the Bahamas from the Galveston port. Or view Alaskan glaciers on ship leaving from Seattle or Portland. There are departure ports all along the East Coast, West Coast, and Gulf of Mexico. You might also be interested in a Mediterranean or Hawaiian cruise.

If you’re able to leave at a week’s or so notice, you can reap huge benefits on your vacation. Just make sure that transportation to the port is affordable enough that the cruise discounts will be worth it. Cheap last minute cruises are best for those who can easily get to a port.

60 days prior to departure, cruise prices fluctuate considerably in price based on availability. The cruise lines are hoping to get every single cabin booked, and will often lower the price hoping to get more people interested. What is your budget like? What about your travel plans? Cruise itineraries vary from four nights to several nights. Depending on the date and cruise line, you might be able to find a cruise for less than $100 per day.

You can browse the current deals and discounts or search for last minute cruises by entering specific dates. Travel sites will allow you to select the departure port as well. Look over the itineraries and cruise lines. Some ships spend most of their time at sea, while others go from one port to the next, allowing passengers to get out and go exploring. What is your preference?

Bring Your Family on Cheap Last Minute Cruises

Some ships are more family-friendly than others. If you’re traveling alone or with your partner, you might want to do research on cheap last minute cruises to make sure they cater well to adult passengers. The great thing about cruises these days is that you can find tons of details on each and every ship, including photos, a list of amenities, videos, reviews, and more. Depending on which travel site you use, there might be additional discounts such as special savings for a second passenger and on-board credit.

When comparing cheap last minute cruises, don’t forget to look into the cancellation policy. You never know what might happen between now and time of departure. If the cancellation fee is too pricey, the discount you get from a last-minute cruise might not be worth it. Every cruise line and travel site has its own cancellation policy.

Where can you find cheap last minute cruises and other travel deals? Expedia is an ideal place for conducting research on cruise ships and itineraries. You can use Expedia coupons to save even more money on cruise packages, airfare, and a hotel stay.

Flights to Disney World

Flights to Disney World Guide – Which Airport Should You Choose? What Is the Best Time to Visit Orlando?

Disney World is one of the most popular destinations in the world. In order to get there, you need to first get to the Orlando area. Many people opt to fly into the MCO airport. If you know where to look, you can find good deals on flights to Disney World. Since it’s an International airport, numerous airlines all around the world offer flights to and from MCO.

Flights from most US cities are available on a daily basis. For the best rates try traveling during off-season. The cheapest time to fly to Disney World depends on factors like the weather and departure airport. If you’re flying from Chicago and Los Angeles, the cheapest time to fly is during winter months. For flying from New York, the cheapest month to find airfare to Orlando are May and September. If there is an average cheapest month to fly to this destination, it’s January.

If you’re after a direct flight, you have several airlines to choose from. These carriers often offer direct flights to Disney World: American, Frontier, United, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, and Allegiant. It’s recommended that you book your flight on a Tuesday afternoon, if possible, as that is the time when most airfare is cheap.

The price is also affected by whichever resort you are staying at. Discounts are often available for those who combine airline and hotel reservations. Look for Disney or Orlando package deals to find out which resorts and which airlines are working together to provide tourists with an affordable experience.

More Options of Flights to Disney World

You don’t have to fly to MCO. There is the smaller Orlando-Sanford International Airport located NW of the city. It’s worth trying to find affordable airfare to this airport as well. However, it takes longer to drive to the major parks and attractions. Uber does not go to SFB – only Lyft.

The major airlines aren’t for everyone. Sometimes you’ll find cheaper flights to Disney World on smaller carriers like Frontier and Allegiant Air. Most trips are non-stop. If there are any stops, it’s usually just one in a city such as Dallas or Charlotte.

As with any travel, there are times when you’ll want to avoid flying to the Orlando area. You’ll want to avoid long weekends like Memorial Day or spring break. Whenever school is out, there will likely be a lot of families with kids traveling to Disney World.

Whenever you can find cheap flights to Disney world as well as an affordable stay in a nice hotel, be sure to snatch the deal up.

What to find the cheapest flights to Disney World from just about any airport? Visit Travelocity and look over their Orlando vacation deals. You can book airfare by itself or as part of a travel package. You might also find Travelocity coupons for car rentals as well.

Cheap Hotel Offers

Cheap Hotel Offers – Tips on Obtaining Hotel Rates You Can Afford

There are plenty of cheap hotel offers in any destination out there, some are just harder to find than others. It’s not just rundown motels that offer low rate, either. Sometimes it’s possible to find discounts at higher end places and vacation rentals as well. There are usually discounts and perks on hotel rooms that aren’t heavily advertised.

One way you can keep up with all of the latest deals is to install apps related to discount travel. All of the leading travel sites have their own app through which they send out alerts every single day. The hotel chains themselves often offer deals exclusively to their app users. If you’d prefer doing things the old fashioned way, just sign up for newsletters or email alerts.

Sometimes – although definitely not always – there are last minute deals available. Booking last minute is often risky, but if you’re not picky about your travel plans, it might be worthwhile to wait on last-minute cheap hotel offers.

Another way to find good deals is to search for coupons and promo codes. While the hotels themselves don’t always offer coupons, you can often find them at third-party booking sites. Some coupons are intended for use with specific hotels and others are for helping you save on general travel related expenses – so long as you book through the third party site that is offering the discount.

Get Alerts on Cheap Hotel Offers

If you have a tight budget and can’t seem to find a deal you can afford, you can always set price alerts. Receive an instant notification the second the rate of a hotel drops down to the price you set. A “name your own price tool” really comes in handy for a lot of leisure and business travelers alike.

Cheap hotel offers don’t just stop at the hotels themselves – many of them are included in vacation packages. If you plan on flying to the destination anyway, why not search for airfare and hotel combo packages? These “bundle deals” are often cheaper than booking airfare and a hotel room separately. You might be able to get an even greater discount if you throw in a car rental as well. The leading travel discount sites will allow you to search for all three at once.

Not all cheap hotel offers are worthwhile. You might end up losing money in the long run if the cheap room you book is too far away from the airport or bus station. Look at a map and determine how easy or difficult a particular hotel or resort will be for you to get to.

Visit the Travelocity website or install its app in order to get real-time updates on cheap hotel offers. Also, take the time to look over current Travelocity discounts and coupons to help you save on your upcoming trip. No matter where you want to go, you should be able to find a good deal.

Expedia Logo

Expedia Flight Deals: Guide to Finding Affordable Airfare to Anywhere in the World

A lot of people like using Expedia as it has user-friendly search tools to help travelers find deals on hotels and airfare. It simplifies the travel booking process by allowing users to search for all flights available on the dates they specify. Those who don’t have specific plans in mind can check out daily Expedia flight deals just to see what kinds of offers are available.

It’s a reliable site for making travel reservations. Expedia accepts a variety of payments, including Amex, VISA, MasterCard, etc. Sometimes you can even pay by installments. The site uses the highest standards of cyber information security (SSL) to ensure that your personal details are protected.

There are flight deals to suit every type of budget. Whether you want to fly to another city to do some sightseeing, fly to a cruise port to disembark on a Caribbean cruise, fly to a nice beach for some fun in the sun, or anywhere else in the world, Expedia makes it easy to find affordable travel offers.

You can view all of the deals from your nearest airport. What are the current offers? What are the affordable destinations you can fly to right now? Will you get a better deal if you fly direct or if you have a connection? If you don’t have any specific plans in mind, you can simply look over the current deals for some ideas. You don’t have to settle on one departure airport, either. Most people have at least two airports they can get to by car or bus.

Inclusion of Expedia Flight Deals

Sometimes Expedia flight deals are included in vacation packages. For instance, you might be able to get a package to a popular destination that includes airfare + 7 nights at a particular hotel or resort. It will be cheaper to book the package instead of paying for everything separately.

It’s not just domestic flights you’ll find deals for. This travel discount site has partners all around the world. International airfare can be affordable as well. Whether you want to fly to Hong Kong from San Francisco, to London from Boston, or to Mexico City from Dallas / Fort Worth, there are often discounts available at Expedia.

Don’t forget to look over promo codes to see if any can be used for your booking. Some coupon offers can be used in addition to current deals and some cannot. No matter when you want to fly or where you want to fly to, you should be able to find some helpful Expedia flight deals.

It’s time to start planning your next vacation. See if you can find any Expedia flight deals to help you save on your next trip. Don’t forget about your hotel, either. There should be some Expedia discounts on accommodation at just about any hotel.

Hotel Deal Sites

Hotel Deal Sites Guide – What do the Best Travel Websites Offer? How Can You Compare Hotel Rates?

There are tons of hotel deal sites on the internet, and not all of them are equal. They all promise “the best deals” and “cheapest rates”, but which ones are really worth using? Even if you do find a really cheap deal on a decent hotel, there still might be a catch, like a no-cancellation policy or a requirement that you have to pay for airfare as well. If you need airfare anyway, this might not be a big deal, but if you’ve already booked your plane ticket, then you’ll have to book the hotel by itself.

One of the most important things to look for in hotel deal sites is a low price guarantee. In the event that you find a lower rate on the same hotel room later on after you’ve already booked, you should be able to submit a claim to get a refund on the difference. The process of filling out the refund should be simple as well.

A lot of people opt for third-party travel discount sites over the hotels’ actual websites themselves, since the latter usually don’t advertise their cheapest rates and discounts. At some hotel discount websites you’ll have tools that will allow you to scan thousands of hotel rates all at once and compare the prices. You can even read reviews from other members on various hotels and vacation rentals.

Find Good Deals on Hotel Deal Sites

There are different ways to find good deals. You can enter the dates and destination in the search box to view a list of all hotels that are offering rooms in that city on those dates, or simply browse the “Current Deals” or “Last Minute Deals” sections. All-inclusive vacation packages are worth looking into as well – especially if you’re going to a popular destination like Cancun or Disney World.

If you plan to travel a lot it might be useful to join a rewards program. The hotel deal sites that offer a special rewards program for members make it easy to save even more money in the future, as the points can be redeemed for huge discounts and exclusive amenities such as spa credits and complimentary upgrades at participating hotels.

The best sites have their own apps as well so that members can have access to deals at all times. The apps also offer features like paperless itineraries and real-time trip updates. Lastly, good hotel deal sites offer more than just hotel discounts – they also offer ways to save on airfare and car rentals as well.

Expedia discounts are among the best when it comes to saving on a hotel room. You can count on this site to provide you with exclusive offers. It also offers the best rewards program of hotel deal sites. Start using Expedia’s search tools today to help you find a good, affordable hotel room.

Best Cruise Ships

Best Cruise Ships Guide to 5 Highly Rated Ships That Offer Great Entertainment and Itineraries

There are so many wonderful cruise ships that offer all the amenities and attractions you could ever need for enjoying your time at sea. Of course, the most popular ships are going to be those from lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Norwegian, etc. Not only do these lines offer some of the best itineraries and prices, they have large, impressive ships in their fleet. Here is an overview of some of the best cruise ships right now:

Carnival Glory

This is a colorful ship with room for nearly 3,000 passengers. Its itineraries include 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruises and 5-day Western Caribbean cruises. Expect a lively atmosphere on this 110,000-ton ship, with live entertainment, stand-up comedians, DJs, karaoke, Bingo, and more. There are a lot of positive reviews for Carnival Glory, as people praise its cleanliness and organization.

Oasis of the Seas

This Royal Caribbean ship, which was launched in 2009, is huge. It’s a mega-ship that offers a lot of family-friendly activities including age-specific children’s facilities. While the Caribbean itineraries are the cheapest, the ship also sails from Orlando to Barcelona as well as the Western Mediterranean. The cabins and suites are all very pretty and colorful.

Norwegian Pearl

One of the best cruise ships to sail to Alaska, the Pearl offers a fun experience to guests of all ages. It has bars, dance floors, restaurants, and even an arcade. The decor is very bright and fun. This isn’t the type of ship where people spend a lot of time in their room since there is so much excitement going on. Even though it offers an Alaskan itinerary, it still sometimes sails to the Caribbean and Panama Canal.

Holland America – Nieuw Amsterdam

While it’s not as large or flashy as some of the other ships in this list, the Nieuw Amsterdam offers a unique experience to all of its guests. In December 2017 it underwent remodeling and upgrades, and all of the public spaces are refreshed and contemporary. How about an Alaskan Inside Passage cruise? Or would you rather spend a week cruising the Mexican Riviera? This ship offers a wide variety of itineraries.

Celebrity Reflection

This is by far one of the best cruise ships in terms of sheer size and ratings. The 126,000-ton Reflection can hold over 3,000 passengers. One of the most impressive features of the ship is the live tree that grows in the Grand Foyer. Much of the clientele is middle to upper class. Itineraries include destinations like Greece, Rome, New Orleans, and Caribbean Islands.

These are just five of the best cruise ships. There are plenty of other great ships to choose from, including Disney Fantasy and MSC Seaside.

You can learn more about the best cruise ships and view photos of them at Expedia. There are tons of itineraries to choose from – all at affordable prices. You can even use Expedia discounts and coupons to get free drinks, onboard credit, and more.