Round Trip Plane Tickets

Round Trip Plane Tickets – Learn How to Get a Good Deal and Save Money on Your Next Flight

Costs for airfare are going up and down all the time, depending on everything from market conditions to the time of year. The cost of round trip plane tickets (domestic) could range anywhere from $95 to $600, depending on the route and season.

If you’re after a good deal, all you have to do is search intelligently. There are online travel tools that simplify the process. These user-friendly sites allow you to search for airfare, compare rates for all of the airlines, look into alternative routes at different airports, etc. There are also coupon codes that can be redeemed to help you get a percentage off of your next flight. Some sites also allow you to bid on airfare.

More often than not, round trip airfare is cheaper than the cost of two separate one-way tickets. When searching for plane tickets, all you have to do is enter information such as the departure city, destination city, departure date, return date, number of adults traveling, and whether you want an economy or business seat. There are also options to select whether you want to include hotel rooms and car rentals in your search. Why not just book everything all at once?

It can be very useful to track flight prices as well. This type of service comes in handy if your current plans are not set in stone and you are just waiting around for the price of round trip plane tickets to go down. Take advantage of tools that will send you alerts whenever the prices drop. You can even select the details for which you want to be alerted, such as the route and destination.

Flexibility Helps With Round Trip Plane Tickets

If you’re not afraid to be spontaneous, you can just keep an eye out for last-minute bargains. This type of discount is only available for a short amount of time so it’s a good idea to jump on the opportunity when you have a chance. Some last-minute round trips also include a three or four night hotel stay at a select hotel or resort. The listed price is usually per person.

Don’t worry if you can’t find affordable round trip plane tickets to a particular destination, as there are usually other airports in most cities. See if you can find a better deal to a smaller airport, or one that is a bit further away. Just make sure that the commute between that airport and your hotel room won’t be a hassle. Lastly, keep an eye out for promo codes and other special offers that you can use to save on airfare on travel booking sites.

There are promo codes and other special offers on round trip plane tickets at Travelocity. You can plan your entire trip and sign up to receive alerts. It’s a great place for anybody looking for business travel deals, vacation packages, cruises, entertainment and more.

Flights from Phoenix to Denver

Flights from Phoenix to Denver – Guide to Your Options When Flying This Route

Denver is always a nice city to spend a few days in – especially if you want to escape the heat of Phoenix. Flights from Phoenix to Denver are also popular with business travelers. It’s very easy to find cheap airfare for this route, no matter which time of the year you fly it. The planes leave from Phoenix Sky Harbor International and fly around 600 miles to Denver International. For a nonstop flight, the average duration is just under two hours.

All you have to do is search for the airfare at your favorite travel discount site and you’ll find multiple airlines to choose from, as well as the option to include a hotel room and car rental for a “bundle deal”. What are some of the airlines you can choose from? There are a few, including American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Frontier, and United. Delta offers this flight as well, although its flights usually have a connection in Salt Lake City.

When you search for flights from Phoenix to Denver, take the time to look at more than just the price. There are other important factors to consider, such as luggage fees, seat availability, carry-on rules, and so forth. Every airline has its own rules and fees, so you must keep this information in mind when comparing flights.

The cheapest flights for this route are usually found approximately three weeks prior to departure. However, there are always variables, such as time of year, and whether or not any conventions or special events will be taking place in Denver. January is by far the cheapest month to purchase a plane ticket from Phoenix to Denver, followed by May and then August. Airfare costs shoot up in March, October, and November. However, the price rarely exceeds $190 (for economy) regardless of the time of year.

Best Airlines for Flights from Phoenix to Denver

United is the highest-rated airline for this particular route, as it has 86.5% of on-time arrivals. United and Southwest are the airlines that fly the most frequently between the two cities.

What are you going to do when you get to Denver? The average time spent in the city by passengers from Phoenix is 5 – 6 days. You can take the Airport Rail to the downtown area, take a cab, or rent a car. Some hotels in downtown Denver even offer free airport shuttles.

Speaking of hotels and car rentals, it’s always a good idea to book them along with flights from Phoenix to Denver. Some travel discount sites will give you a good deal if you book everything at once.

You don’t have to spend much money on your trip, as Expedia coupon codes can be used to help you save on flights from Phoenix to Denver. Be sure to book your hotel room as well. There are great deals on leisure travel and business travel at Expedia.

Travelocity Logo

Current Travelocity Promo Codes Guide – Learn About These Coupon Offers and How You Can Use Them

Everybody loves going on a vacation, but most people don’t like the costs associated with travel. Luckily, there are sites like Travelocity that make it easy to find affordable rates on airfare, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and more. Promotional codes and coupons come out all the time. As new ones pop up, older ones expire. Some of them expire without notice. It’s important that you keep up with current Travelocity promo codes so you’ll know for sure if they’ll be able to use them for your trip.

As with any coupons, there are always rules and regulations. For instance, you can’t redeem a current code for any booking you’ve already made. You might be able to fill out a form if the rates go down after you’ve already booked, however, as Travelocity offers a low price guarantee.

What kinds of current promo codes are available? An example would be something like a code that can be used to save $100 or more on hotel / airfare combo bookings (with a requirement for a minimum one-night stay). Another deal might help you get at least 10% off of a stay at a participating hotel. What about getting 40% off of a car rental at any destination? Or a promo offer that will get you a free cabin upgrade on your next cruise?

It’s a good idea to register to become a Travelocity Member for a chance to get exclusive savings. There’s an app you’ll want to install as well, as many current Travelocity promo codes can only be used for in-app bookings. Members receive special benefits like getting an additional 50% off select hotels and other deals.

Current Travelocity Promo Codes for Specific Destinations

Some discounts are intended to be used for specific destinations, all of which are popular vacation spots like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Orlando, San Francisco, while other discounts are more general. Planning on going on a cruise? Would you like to receive a coupon for free drinks? Or 5+ “free amenities” that you would otherwise be charged for? These are just a few examples of the types of Travelocity deals are currently available.

How exactly the coupons or discounts can be applied depends on the type of offer available. You might simply be able to click on the link and it will automatically take you to the reservation form where it is already applied. Or, you might be required to manually enter the promo code.

If you have trouble getting any of the current Travelocity promo codes to work, don’t worry – there will always be others popping up.

You never know exactly what kinds of current Travelocity promo codes are available until you take a look at them. Go ahead and get started with your trip planning. Even if you’re not going to travel any time soon, it’s still good to keep up with the latest discount offers. Bookmark a good site that keeps Travelocity coupons up-to-date.

Beach Vacation Packages

Beach Vacation Packages – 6 Affordable and Fun Beaches in the US

Everybody loves the beach. Whether you just want to relax in the sand, go snorkeling, participate in water sports, or any other type of activity, there are beach vacation packages that are suitable for you. These packages vary in price – some are very cheap and some are very, very expensive. If you’re looking for something more on the affordable side, here is a list of some destinations for which you can usually find inexpensive packages.

Myrtle Beach, SC

People all along the eastern US have been flocking to Myrtle Beach for decades. It’s a wonderful place for just about anyone: families, college students on spring break, elderly couples, and so forth. Hotel rates tend to be reasonable. Golf packages are pretty popular as there are tons of mini-golf venues and country clubs in the area.

Pensacola, FL

It’s super easy to find an affordable hotel under $110 a night in Pensacola. There are also plenty of airlines to choose from that serve the Pensacola International Airport. The restaurants lining the beach offer reasonably priced meals. You’ll find a variety of activities as well, including air shows by the Blue Angles, sunken ships to explore, a visit to the T.T. Wentworth Jr. Florida State Museum, etc.

South Padre Island, TX

There are specialized packages for tourists, like tour packages, honeymoon packages, weekend getaways, and family vacations with lodging choices of 20 or so hotels. This is where the sandy shores of Texas meet Laguna Madre Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, creating some gorgeous beaches. Most people get to South Padre Island by flying into the Harlingen Airport.

Cape May, NJ

This beach is located at the southernmost tip of Jersey Shore. It’s filled with inexpensive restaurants and hotels. It’s a great destination for those looking for family-friendly beach vacation packages. Cape May is accessible by car from either the Atlantic City International Airport or Philadelphia Airport. Look for a package with low-cost car rentals.

Huntington Beach, CA

This is an affordable option on the West Coast. It’s an inexpensive alternative to more popular beaches like Santa Monica. With a nick name like “Surf City USA”, you can expect to have an exciting time at Huntington Beach. Look for airfare to one of three airports: Long Beach (LGB), Los Angeles International (LAX), or John Wayne / Orange County (SNA).

Cannon Beach, OR

Also on the West Coast there are nice beach vacation packages in Oregon. This beach is nearly four miles of sandy shoreline with must-see rock formations. Throughout the year there are events like arts festivals and sandcastles. There are budget hotels and camping options. Rent a car at the Portland Airport or take the bus that runs back and forth with Canon Beach daily.

Visit Travelocity and go ahead to start searching for cheap beach vacation packages for these destinations and other beach destinations around the world. Use Travelocity coupons to save even more money on your upcoming beach trip.

Flights from MSP to LAS

Flights from MSP to LAS – Tips on Planning Your Trip from Minneapolis to Vegas

There is always a reason to go to Vegas. Even if you have to fly there for business, you should still take some time to enjoy the entertainment and excitement. Get out of Minneapolis for a few days and head to the Entertainment Capital of the World. Start searching for flights from MSP to LAS and comparing rates. There are several airlines that offer this flight, so you’ll have a few choices no matter when you fly.

Try to book at least two weeks in advance. You’ll likely be able to get a good deal if you book the flight about a month prior to departure. On average, an evening flight will be considerably cheaper than a morning flight. How long will it take? A nonstop flight between Minneapolis / St. Paul to LAS McCarran takes nearly 3 and a half hours, as it covers a distance of about 1,300 miles.

Which airlines fly this route? Delta offers the most flights, followed by Sun Country Air and KLM. A few other airlines to choose from include Frontier, American Airlines, and Spirit Airlines.Common connections for one-stop flights are Denver, Dallas / Fort Worth, and Phoenix.

Some flights from MSP to LAS come included with vacation packages. You can search for the airfare, Vegas hotels, and car rentals all at the same time. There are also all-inclusive vacation packages that include all kinds of perks, amenities, and services. These are definitely worth looking into, as sometimes vacation packages are cheaper than paying for everything separately.

Good Days for Flights from MSP to LAS

Monday is a good day to fly from Minneapolis to Vegas, as rates tend to be cheap. Budget airlines like Spirit and Frontier usually offer low rates on this route. Tuesday is a good day to fly back to Minneapolis. However, you don’t have to fly back to Minneapolis unless you have to. McCarran International Airport actually offers nonstop flights to 120+ other cities.

Flights from MSP to LAS are available throughout the day. Spirit Airlines, for instance, offers four flights before noon, three flights from noon to 6PM, and three flights after 6PM. The cheapest months to fly this route are between August – December, with exceptions for holidays. Expect to pay the most money around late spring to early summer.

When you arrive at McCarran, you’ll either end up at Terminal 1 or Terminal 3, depending on the airline. There is an inter-terminal shuttle between the terminals so it’s easy to get around.

Consider renting a car when searching for flights from MSP to LAS. There is a car rental area at McCarran Intl. There are courtesy shuttle services well for airport pickup and drop-off. Many of the city’s popular resorts offer free airport shuttles for guests.

Now that you know which airlines to choose from, you can begin your search for affordable flights from MSP to LAS. Expedia coupons really come in handy when booking a flight. Don’t forget to compare rates for Vegas hotels as well.

Cheap Hotel Booking Sites

Cheap Hotel Booking Sites Overview – What the Best Travel Booking Sites Offer

Hotels are a significant part of travel expenses. Even cheap accommodation can really add up after awhile. If you’re not too concerned about luxury and just a cozy place to spend your nights in a safe neighborhood, you can take advantage of the deals offered at cheap hotel booking sites. Not all of them are equal, obviously, so you need to choose one that has a good reputation.

One thing to look for is a site that will allow you to search more than 300,000+ hotels around the world, including those in popular destinations and lesser-known destinations. The more options you have, the better. You should be able to search for more than just a traditional hotel room, as well. How about a deal ad a bed and breakfast? Or a stay at a budget vacation rental? Don’t get overwhelmed by all of the options. The ideal hotel booking website will allow you to narrow down your results according to price, number of stars, location in proximity to popular attractions, type of room, and so forth.

Hotel coupons are very useful as well. You can often find these on online coupon directories. They can be redeemed at some of the popular travel sites. Read the terms and conditions carefully so you’ll know exactly what a coupon can be used for. Will you be able to use it for your trip? Can it be used for the type of hotel you have in mind? If one coupon doesn’t work, just try another. There are usually a variety of coupons / promo codes to choose from.

Handling Prices on Cheap Hotel Booking Sites

The best cheap hotel booking sites have apps that you can install on your phone or tablet for additional offers. You can also sign up to receive alerts whenever a deal pops up in the city planning to travel to. Even during tourist season, you should be provided with the lowest rates possible and special offers.

How does a reliable site handle price drops? What if the hotel you book lowers its rates afterwards? There should be a low-price guarantee on hotel bookings. Carefully look over a travel booking site to ensure that there is some type of Price Match Guarantee before you start on your hotel reservation.

What if there is ever a problem with the hotel getting overbooked or your reservation becoming lost? The best cheap hotel booking sites will offer some type of guarantee that they will work directly with the hotel to ensure that you get a room or a similar one at another hotel nearby at no extra charge.

Travelocity discounts are some of the best deals found at cheap hotel booking sites. There are some amazing coupons available that can be used for booking a room at just about any hotel in the world. Travelocity also has some top-notch customer service.

Cheap Cruise Holidays

Cheap Cruise Holidays Info – Why Not Celebrate Your Favorite Holiday with a Fun Cruise?

If you want to go on a Christmas cruise or celebrate the New Year on a ship, you should look into cheap cruise holidays. Even if you simply want to take a few days off of work and relax on a cruise ship, there are always good deals available. With a holiday cruise, you’ll still be able to experience all joys of the season just as you’re used to.

The ships always put up the appropriate decorations in honor of the season. In December there will be beautiful twinkling lights and trees. If it’s a family-friendly cruise, Santa will be around to visit the kids. Guests can enjoy activities like caroling and watching a parade. Elves will be hanging around on deck for festive photo opportunities.

Don’t forget Halloween. Go on a Disney or Royal Caribbean cruise in October and enjoy a lot of spooky jubilee packed with fun-filled treats and haunted tricks. There are even campfire-style storytelling sessions where families can sit around and listen to ghost stories. Halloween isn’t just for kids. There will be adults-only parties that include costume contests.

There are a few cheap cruise holidays to choose form when it comes to New Years. You don’t need to be in Times Square to ring in the New Year or watch the ball drop – there is plenty of excitement and fireworks on cruise ships as well. While in the company of family, friends, and other passengers, you can enjoy live music and parties.

Depending on the itinerary, you can celebrate a holiday on a ship in the middle of the ocean, or on a nice island somewhere in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, or Pacific.

Relax Away With Cheap Cruise Holidays

If you just want to enjoy a short holiday away from work and the business of life, you can go on a relaxing cruise. Perhaps it’s your birthday or anniversary. There are a number of reasons why people look for cheap cruise holidays. Treat yourself to a spa on a giant ship. Or go gift shopping at a variety of boutiques. You could go snorkeling or exploring ancient ruins while on a shore excursions.

The prices of cruises vary a great deal depending on factors such as the cruise line, itinerary, type of cabin, time of year, etc. The rate might go up some during special holidays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find coupons and special offers online.

Take the time to start comparing cheap cruise holidays. Not only should you consider the prices, you should also compare itineraries, amenities, and services.

Where can you find deals on cheap cruise holidays and airfare? Travelocity lets you search over all of the cruise lines to view itineraries for any date range. Whether you want to celebrate your birthday on a Disney cruise or spend Christmas on a Royal Caribbean ship, you’ll find cruise coupons at Travelocity.

Expedia Logo

Expedia Vacations Overview – How to Navigate the Site and Find Great Deals on Vacations

Sometimes it’s hard to know which travel discount site to choose when so many of them promise to offer the best deals. However, Expedia vacations are consistently affordable, and the site’s customer service is second to none. It’s an early pioneer in the online travel industry, and still maintains a good reputation. No matter what vacation you’re looking for, you’ll find that this site offers a lot of good choices.

It starts by visiting the home page to view what kinds of deals are available right now. If you already have something specific in mind, just enter it in the search box to see a bunch of quotes on vacations. Be sure to select whether you want to search for airfare or hotel alone or together. There is also an option to search for a car rental as part of your vacation.

Always be as flexible as possible. Ultimately, it’s the best strategy for anything travel-related. If you are able to be open-ended regarding your dates, choice of hotels, and airports, you’ll be more likely to save money.

Expedia partners with numerous airlines and hundreds of thousands of hotels across the globe, so there are always some good deals going on. Consider using the specific deal pages, like “Family Friendly Vacations”, “Hotel Deals Under $99”, “Bundle Deals”, “Last Minute Deals”, etc. If you’re not looking for anything specific right now, you can look over these pages for some ideas.

Discounts for Expedia Vacations

The company brings you vacation discounts and hotel rates according to your needs, whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort, luxury hotel, or budget inn. You can even select a particular attraction you’re interested in and view all of the available hotels within walking distance. If you’re after a NYC vacation, for instance, you can narrow down your search to rooms close to Central Park.

There are Expedia vacations for cruise lovers as well. Search for itineraries in areas that you’re interested in exploring, whether it’s the Caribbean or Alaska. Narrow the cruise options down to a specific departure city, such as Miami, Galveston, Seattle, New Orleans, or Boston. Choose anything from a three-day Caribbean cruise to a 21 day Mediterranean adventure.

You’ll definitely want to try to book a hotel that comes with “Expedia Free Extras”. These perks are available at select hotels and include items like free breakfast, Wi-Fi, late check-outs, show tickets, room upgrades, and more.

No matter what your budget is like, there should be some nice Expedia vacations for you to choose from.

Begin your search right now, even if you’re not ready to book yet. Look over coupons on Expedia vacations so you’ll have an idea of how you can save money. There are always very nice travel offers on hotels, airfare, car rentals, and cruises at Expedia.

Cruise Vacation Deals

Cruise Vacation Deals Guide – Crucial Factors to Consider When Comparing Cruise Packages

As the cruising industry becomes more popular, the costs start to go down. It’s never been more affordable to go on a cruise. You can explore the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Bahamas, Alaska, etc. without spending a future. There are a variety of discounts available, from Military to AARP. You can browse for cruise vacation deals at online travel sites to find out what kinds of packages are available.

What is the right cruise for you? Family? Honeymoon? Singles cruises? Luxury? Group? Whatever kind of cruise package you’re looking for, there will surely be deals available. Not all cruises are out on the high seas either – there are some nice river cruises to choose from.

When searching for a cruise, one of the most important things to do is find out what exactly is included. The price should include more than just a bed in the cabin. Ideally, it should include at least some meals, entertainment, some activities, etc. Most cruise lines offer beverages like soft drinks, water and Wi-Fi in their prices. There is no guarantee that the free Wi-Fi will be fast or stable, however, so you might want to consider paying extra for a faster internet option if it’s offered.

Follow the cruise lines and discount travel sites on social media. These days, cruise vacation deals are actually Tweeted out or posted on other social media sites. Tech-savvy shoppers can find deals on just about anything related to travel. You might find Tweets on airfare discounts and car rentals as well.

Tips for Getting Good Cruise Vacation Deals

Know when to book. If you can be spontaneous, then it might be worth it to wait around for a last-minute deal to pop up. If you’re not spontaneous and only have a limited time frame to go on a cruise, then book as early as advance as much as possible. Luxury cruise lines in particular list their lowest prices early on. Cost on hard-to-fill cruises, such as those during shoulder season, can be significantly reduced at the last minute (within 90 days). Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the last-minute airfare won’t cost too much. The last-minute option is usually best for those who live relatively close to departure ports.

Decide whether the itinerary is worth the cost the cruise. If you simply want to relax on deck and stay on the sea then make sure that the ship itself offers all of the amenities you’ll need. If you do want to visit as many destinations as possible and go exploring on beautiful islands, the itinerary should offer just that.

Excursions themselves can cost money. What kinds of shore excursions are included in cruise vacation deals? Should you book them separately with third party companies? These are other important considerations when it comes to cruise price comparison.

When it comes to cheap travel, Travelocity is the place to start. You can browse the site, sign up to receive alerts, find Travelocity deals on social media and blogs, etc. It’s very easy to find cruise vacation deals and other travel discounts.

Discount Hotel Deals

Discount Hotel Deals – What Can You Do to Obtain an Affordable Hotel Room in Any City?

The cost of hotel rooms changes every single day. You can never truly expect consistency when it comes to discount hotel deals. You just need a bit of patience and price comparison to help you find a good bargain, no matter where you want to go. Tourism usually accounts for the cost of hotel rooms as well.

Use a search aggregator site that will allow you to view rates on every single hotel room / suite, bed and breakfast, and inn in the city of your choice for the dates you select. Since the prices can change daily, make sure that the travel discount site you use offers some sort of low-price guarantee so if the price drops after you book your trip you will be able to get the difference back.

Some services even allow you to bid on rooms, although you might not know which hotel the room will be in until your vacation. While you really might get a low-cost room, there is still a bit of uncertainty since you won’t be guaranteed a room in a desirable neighborhood.

Sites that allow you to actually view a list of hotels that offer rooms within the price range you specify are ideal. You can actually look at photos of the hotels and read reviews by previous guests. There are other details such as amenities, services, maps, etc. that will help you decide if a particular hotel is a good option.

What Can Be Included in Discount Hotel Deals

Discount hotel deals may or may not include free airport shuttles. If you’re not familiar with the city and don’t want to drive yourself, this is an important factor to consider. You’ll want to be able to get to the hotel from the airport safely without getting lost. A free airport shuttle to and from the street the hotel is located on will help you save money since you won’t have to take a taxi or Uber.

Make sure you understand the total cost. The rate you are provided with in the initial search might not include miscellaneous fees and taxes. If you’re planning to rent a car, find out how much parking will cost. Is breakfast for free? Will you be able to use the gym for free?

Be cautious when it comes to advanced payment as well. If any discount hotel deals require that you pay at least part of the payment ahead of time, read the fine print carefully. Never forget that the lowest rate on a hotel room might not be the best value, depending on other possible fees and the cancellation policy.

There are usually some good discount hotel deals at Expedia. Search for affordable hotel rooms and vacation rentals in any destination around the world. Read reviews and look at photos of the rooms. Use Expedia promotional codes to bring the price down even more.