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Expedia Hotel Deals Guide: Tips for Finding Affordable Hotels and Saving Money with Expedia

It has never been easier (or more affordable) for the average person to travel. Now, it takes less than a day to get to the other side of the world. For thousands of years, it was impossible for anyone to get very far at all. Thanks to sites like Expedia, it’s now a simple process to get from point A to point B, which can be literally anywhere in the world. However, getting to point B is only the first step. You’ll still need a place to actually stay and sleep once you get there. That is where Expedia hotel deals come in.

It’s one of the largest and most respected discount travel sites, and has been for several years. The search engine allows you to comb through hundreds of thousands of properties, nearly 500 airlines, and several car rental agencies to find affordable rates. You can also keep up with the latest deals on vacation packages and cruises.

Here are a few tips for saving as much money as possible:

• One way you can get Expedia hotel deals is to sign up for the mobile app. You can receive notifications through the app about deals that aren’t advertised on the website. It’s also very convenient and keeps your itineraries stored even when you don’t have Wi-Fi.

• Consider booking a package deal. If you’re going to need airfare anyway, you might as well combine the cost of the hotel and flight together in one package. For additional savings, book the car rental too. Expedia’s search engine allow for all three to be searched at the same time. This strategy may lead to you accessing deep savings to help bring down the overall cost of your trip.

• Use coupons. If you’re an internet coupon “clipper”, then you’ll be glad to know that there are Expedia coupons you can use for enticing savings. Just read the terms and conditions to make sure you can use a particular coupon for your hotel booking.

• Keep an eye on the “Deals” section. The company is constantly updating this part of the site. It has a variety of categories, including last-minute deals and cheapest hotel prices. There are deals popping up all the time for hotels in popular tourist hotspots, both domestic and international.

• If you’re a regular traveler and plan on booking a lot of hotels in the future, it might be worth it to join Expedia+. This membership program offers exclusive discounts that regular users don’t get access to as well as points and hotel VIP benefits.

Final Words

Whether you become a Plus member or not, you’ll still find some Expedia hotel deals and affordable airfare.

It doesn’t matter where you want to go and for how long you plan to stay, you’ll need accommodation. Always begin your travel planning by looking into Expedia hotel deals. You’ll find plenty of other discount travel offers as well. Get a percentage off of your next vacation booking by using Expedia coupons.

Air and Hotel Packages Discounts

Air and Hotel Packages Discounts – Are They Really Worth It? How Can You Save on Travel?

Many people want to find deals on airfare and hotel accommodation, but don’t want to book an all-inclusive vacation. This is where air and hotel packages come in. the internet has made it easy to book both at the same time – and save in the process. Discount travel sites are constantly updating all of the newest offers. Deals pop up every single day – especially in popular vacation spots like the Caribbean Islands and Vegas.

One way to save money on your vacation is to select a package that includes a hotel with amenities such as free breakfast to all guests. If you are going to rent a car, make sure the hotel offers free or discount parking. Keep the little things like this you must consider when looking at travel packages. Eating free breakfast at the hotel every morning will help you save gas money or bus / taxi fare as well.

Depending on where you want to travel and whether or not it’s tourist season in that area, you might find a cheaper package with airfare to another airport. Check and make sure that it will be easy to get to your hotel if the airport is further away than what you were hoping for. If you don’t want to rent a car, will you be able to make it to your destination easily via rental car or public transportation?

The pricing for air and hotel packages is a function of supply and demand, and it isn’t always predictable whether or not the price will go up or down closer to your departure date. The best thing to do is take the time to research the average price for a hotel stay in the area before deciding whether or not a package is truly a good deal. Also, look at upcoming events in the city you want to visit. If there are any conferences or big events coming up, the hotel prices will likely go up.

What to Look Out for in Air and Hotel Packages Discounts

Sometimes cheap airfare really is too good to be true. For instance, if a price for a flight seems very low, it might be because there are no free carry-ons allowed, or because drinks and snacks aren’t free. This isn’t always the case, however, so make sure that any cheap airfare you come across is really worth booking.

Sure, you might end up with more connections than you’d like, but air and hotel packages really are often cheaper than booking everything separately. Don’t just settle on the very first deal you come across, however. Do additional research to make sure the discount is worth it.

When searching for travel coupons, you might want to start with Expedia. The air and hotel packages offered at low prices. You can also find discounts on car rentals, all inclusive vacations, and cruises. No matter what your plans are like, there should be an Expedia deal just for you.

Cheap Summer Vacation Packages Ideas

Cheap Summer Vacation Packages Ideas – A Few Wonderful, Inexpensive Places to Visit This Summer

Whether you have kids or not, there are always reasons to book a summer getaway. It’s a popular time to go on a vacation to most destinations. Unfortunately, it’s also an expensive time to go on a trip, as prices skyrocket due to demand. If you do want to get away for a few days but don’t have a very big budget, there is no need to worry: here are some ideas on cheap summer vacation packages.

Head to Albuquerque

If you really don’t mind the 90+ degree temperatures in the summer, this New Mexico city is the place to go. Hotel rates throughout the area are reasonable and airlines offer affordable rates from various airports throughout the country. You won’t even have to pay for a rental car, as ABQ Ride offers bus service all over the greater metro area.

Spend some time on the Gorge

If you want to avoid the heat and crowds of the Grand Canyon, head the opposite direction – right into Appalachia. Summer temperatures in West Virginia are not uncomfortably high. The scenery around New River Gorge is amazing, and there are plenty of fun, affordable activities. Lodging can be found for less than $100 a night.

Explore the Sacred Valley

For a thrilling international adventure, head to Peru. The Sacred Valley area is an affordable alternative to Machu Picchu during the summer. There are hidden gems to check out, including ancient temples and forts. Just go along trekking routes for access to farms, isolated villages, and bustling cities.

Stay at Six Flags Fiesta

Don’t do Disney World in the summer, unless you want to spend a fortune. Instead, head to San Antonio where you WILL find cheap summer vacation packages and go back and forth between Six Flags and White Water Bay Water Park. Both parks are included in price of admission. You can get huge discounts by buying your tickets in advance on the internet. While summers in Texas are hot, you can stay cool at the Water Park.

Go to Chincoteague Island for a beach vacation.

When most people think of “summer vacations”, the beach is usually the first image that comes to mind. The temperatures in this part of VA are just right during the summer, and the rates are reasonable. In addition to lounging around the beach, you can also keep an eye out for birds, wild ponies, and do some cycling.

Other Ideas

A few more affordable places to visit on your summer getaway include:

• Cape Cod, Massachusetts
• Laughlin, NV
• Rovinj, Croatia
• Madrid, Spain
• Phoenix, AZ
• Gatlinburg, TN
• St. Louis, MO

It’s best to start planning early. The sooner you start your search for cheap summer vacation packages, the easier it will be to find a good deal!

Travelocity deals are always worth looking into – especially when you want to save on a vacation package. The company gives competitive prices, easy-to-use search tools, and 24/7 hour customer service. There are also alerts you can sign up for to receive details about the best cheap summer vacation packages.

Caribbean Family Vacations

Caribbean Family Vacations Guide – Follow These Tips to Plan Your Family Trip

There are a lot of kid-friendly places in the Caribbean Islands. If you want to bring grandma and grandpa along, you can easily find a hotel or resort that will keep them happy as well. Each island is unique and has something different to offer. The tricky part is to narrow down your search. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to Caribbean family vacations.

• Consider the amount of activity your family will want. If the kids will be perfectly happy playing in sand and swimming all day, there is really no need to stay on an island with a lot going on. Turks and Caicos offer a relaxing environment. If you want to do some hiking, consider heading to St. Lucia. For snorkeling and diving, try the Virgin Islands or the Caymans.

• If you are going to be traveling with infants, Jamaica is well-known for its hotels with full-time nanny services, some of which are even included in the package price. The Franklyn D. Resort & Spa, for instance, is a great place to start your search. Also, the Club Med Punta Cana in Dominican Republic has an excellent daycare service for children as young as one year old.

• If budget is your primary concern, head to any of the following: Cancun, Cozumel, or Playa del Carmen (Mexico); Puerto Plata or Punta Cana (Dominican Republic); or Negril or Montego Bay (Jamaica). These are usually the cheapest Caribbean family vacations that include airfare. It’s usually very affordable to fly to many of these places from certain US cities, such as Orlando.

• Some islands, like Aruba, have great all-day supervised programs for kids. This means more time for mom and dad. If you want time to relax with your spouse, select a resort that offers kids’ programs and clubs that will keep them entertained and safe for at least a few hours a day. In addition to Oranjestad, Aruba, you might want to consider the Almond Beach Resort in Barbados.

• Looking for multi-generational Caribbean family vacations? Want a vacation spot that offers something for everyone: kids, parents, and grandparents? Turks and Caicos and St. James are great places that the entire family will enjoy. There will be clubs for the kids, golfing and walking along the beach for grandma and grandpa, and plenty of adventures for mom and dad.

Have you considered the cruise option yet? Most cruise ships these days offer passengers of all ages fun activities. They are very popular Caribbean vacations because they allow you to visit multiple islands and go on excursions. There is plenty to do on the ship as well as off.

Use Travelocity discount codes to get a good deal on your next qualifying flight, hotel room, car rental, and so forth. You can also use the user-friendly search tools to help you compare prices on Caribbean family vacations and/or cruises.

Holiday Packages

Holiday Packages Guide – 5 Tips for Finding an Affordable Deal On Your Holiday Getaway

There are affordable holiday packages all around the world – you just need to know where to begin your search. Whether you want sunshine, a cozy mountain getaway, big city adventure, etc… there are many nice places to go during a holiday.

To help you get started with your savings, here are a few tips:

1. Schedule your getaway off-season. Tourist season in warm, beach destinations is usually during winter, and tourist season in colder climates is usually during the summer. Do the exact opposite, no matter where you want to go and you will save more money. Make a list of destinations you are considering and do research to find out when off-season is. Just pack accordingly so that you can better deal with the extreme temperatures.

2. Consider visiting non-touristy areas. Go “off the beaten path” so to speak. For every popular destination out there, there is at least one cheaper alternative. Instead of expensive Disney holiday packages, go to a less-expensive amusement park, like Six Flags or Busch Gardens. These places offer a variety of fun rides and attractions for visitors of all ages.

3. Sign up for travel discount newsletters. Some fare watchers specialize in last minute deals. Some specialize in cheap holiday packages. Just take advantage of all of the travel booking tools out there. Subscribe to free newsletters and install fare alert apps to keep you updated on all of the newest deals on a daily or weekly basis.

4. Decide whether or not an all inclusive package will be worth the money, or if it would be better to just stick with the basics. Sure, the more you spend the bigger the discount, but if you don’t really need everything the “all inclusive” package offers, it might not be worth the money or time. Just use the “hotel + airfare” option when searching for prices to see what kind of combinations are available and determine which offer has the most value.

5. There is no rule that says you even have to take a plane. Unless you are going overseas, you can simply take an extra day or two to travel to your hotel via train or bus. If it’s a long journey and you have to take a plane, you don’t necessarily have fly to one specific airport. Consider flying into other airports and then take a train or bus the rest of the way.

Final Remarks

Holiday packages can be anything from a basic two-night stay a chain hotel to an all inclusive Caribbean cruise. Think about what you want from your trip and be as flexible as possible with the dates and times.

With Expedia coupon codes you won’t have to worry about the cost of your next holiday trip. These are special offers that can’t be found anywhere else. Expedia makes it easy to not only find holiday packages, but to save on them as well.

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Travelocity Coupon Code for 2018 Info – What You Need to Know About Saving On Travel Expenses through Travelocity

No matter where you want to go in this world, be sure to grab a Travelocity coupon code before booking your trip. Whether it’s to a bustling city or to a scenic landscape on the other side of the world, it’s always a good idea to begin your search with Travelocity.

You can search over 300,000 hotels and 400 airlines worldwide to find the lowest prices. If it’s a vacation package you are after, the site has an entire section dedicated to just that. With services like lowest price matching and no-cancellation policies, it’s no wonder why this is the leading discount travel company.

Not only can you view the cheapest hotels and airfares, you can search for “things to do” as well. Find tickets to shows, read tips on sightseeing, learn about restaurants in the area, and so forth. If you need to rent a car, Travelocity makes it easy to compare rates from various rental companies.

A Travelocity coupon code is something that can be used when you are checking out. It is either something you can click on to activate or a series of numbers or letters that you can enter into the checkout form in order to activate the discount.

Travelocity Coupon Code For 2018 – Makes Travel Affordable

Don’t turn down the chance to travel because you are afraid you won’t be able to afford it. There are thousands of destinations and hundreds of thousands of places to stay all across the world, even in small towns and rural areas. If you want peace and quiet, you’ll find it at a cabin resort or on a private beach bungalow. If you want excitement, there is no shortage of budget hotels in places like Vegas and Dallas. For international vacations, more and more budget airline companies are popping up and offering cheap flights to many European destinations. You can easily find a good deal on a Caribbean cruise as well.

All of this is possible with Travelocity. In addition to browsing the site and using the search tools, you can also sign up to receive newsletters. There are mobile apps you can install to receive alerts. Sometimes there are exclusive offers available only to mobile app users.

Take the time to go over the terms and conditions for any Travelocity coupon code you want to use. In general, they are valid only at participating hotels. Offers vary depending on the property and a minimum night stay might be required. The offers are subject to availability as well. You can also find coupons that can be used towards a flight booking.

Learn more about getting a Travelocity coupon code and other special deals. Let it be your first stop for finding budget travel information and resources. Whether you’re interested in a cruise, all inclusive vacation, business travel, family travel, romantic getaway, beach vacation, etc., Travelocity offers all the tools you need.

Cheap Flights from El Paso

Cheap Flights from El Paso: Guide to the ELP Airport, Airlines, and Affordable Destinations

Whether you are from El Paso or traveling through, you can use the internet to help you find discount airfare. The ELP serves as the gateway to West Texas and Northern and Southern New Mexico. You can fly to other parts of the country as well; there are six airlines that fly in and out several times a day. It’s usually not difficult to find cheap flights from El Paso to every region of the US.

If you want to fly to Vegas, Orlando, or San Diego, Allegiant Airlines offers some great deals. American Airlines offers nonstop flights to major cities like Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and connections to international destinations. Other airlines that serve ELP include Southwest, Frontier, Delta, and United. Southwest Airlines is the top carrier flying out of ELP, offering more than 1,200 flights per month.

If you need to get to Dallas or certain cities in NM from other parts of the country, decide whether it would be cheaper to fly direct or to first fly to El Paso and then onwards to Dallas. Since airfare can change on a daily basis, you might want to be as flexible with the dates and times as possible. One day you might find that there are no cheap flights from El Paso to your destination, and on the very next day there could be several to choose from.

The Best Days for Cheap Flights from El Paso

A lot of travel experts recommend flying out on certain days of the week in order to get the cheapest rates. For instance, departing in the middle of the week and returning on a Sunday or Tuesday will usually yield you a good deal for a roundtrip. However, this is not always the case, especially around holidays, so you’ll still want to take the time to go over your options and compare rates.

ELP is a nice airport, so you can enjoy yourself while you wait for the boarding process to begin. There are two history galleries with artifacts and images, as well as a shopping center on the Main Floor, which can be accessed pre-security checkpoint. High speed Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout the terminal.

The rates are set by the individual airlines themselves rather than the airport. Sometimes you will find additional discounts and promotional codes from third party travel bargain sites. Don’t just look for cheap flights from El Paso – look into hotel + airfare combo packages. It’s possible to save on the trip as a whole if you book everything at once.

You can find all of these packages and deals at Travelocity. Let it be your #1 site for discount travel. The airfare search and comparison tools are very easy to use. You’ll find cheap flights from El Paso to just about any destination in no time!

Cheap Flights to St. Louis

Cheap Flights to St. Louis Info: When Should You Look for Affordable Airfare? How Can You Find Deals?

There is plenty to see in this great city, from the Gateway Arch to Busch Stadium. All you have to do to begin the adventure is use internet search tools to find cheap flights to St. Louis. Several airlines serve the city via the International Airport or Spirit of St. Louis Airport. The former is situated 10 miles NW of the downtown area and the latter is 17 miles west of the business district.

You’ll be more likely to obtain affordable plane tickets if you travel during the off-season, which is usually from June to August and from Nov. to March: basically, whenever the weather is either very cold or hot. It’s also during these time periods that hotels offer the lowest rates for rooms.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t find deals if you travel during any other time of the year. Airfare hardly increases drastically. It’s recommended that you purchase your airfare to St. Louis at least 21 days in advance, regardless of when you go. Most flights serve the International Airport. More than 40 airlines operate out of it and 2,500+ domestic flights and 35+ international flights depart from it each and every week. This means that you get a lot of choices no matter what your plans are.

Don’t just look for airfare alone. Sometimes cheap flights to St. Louis are bundled with vacation packages. On some travel booking sites, you can get a good deal if you book airfare, hotel accommodation, and car rental together. Be on the lookout for additional discounts and promo codes as well. You don’t have to book directly at the airport’s or airline’s website. It’s often cheaper to use a third party travel site that will often show deals that the airline companies themselves don’t display.

Book a Car After Cheap Flights to St. Louis

If you don’t want to book a car to the airport, just hop on the MetroLink’s Red Line and head to the downtown area. Book a room at a hotel that offers free airport shuttles.

There is no rule that says you have to fly directly to St. Louis. On some booking sites, there is a “Nearby Airports” box for you to check. You’ll some recommendations for the closest airports. Filter those into your search results and compare all of the prices.

Signing up to receive price alerts is very helpful, so be sure to take advantage of such services. You will receive an instant alert on your phone or laptop the second cheap flights to St. Louis are available. Snatch up one of the offers ASAP as they usually don’t last very long.

You can receive these alerts on cheap flights to St. Louis at Expedia. It’s among the leading online travel sites with the goal to help make traveling affordable and easy. You can also find amazing deals on hotels, rental cars, vacation packages, etc.

Cheap Plane Tickets

Cheap Plane Tickets – What You Need to Know About Airfare Pricing & What You Can do to Save

Not only can you book hotel rooms on the internet, you can find cheap plane tickets as well. No matter where you want to go, at some point there will be a chance to obtain affordable airfare.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, here are some tips to help you save on your airfare and overall trip:

• Begin your search as early as possible. Airlines tend to release tickets several months in advance. Once you have a destination in mind, start searching. Since plane ticket prices are constantly fluctuating, it’s a good idea to check every single day until you find a price that suits your budget. Just don’t wait TOO long.

• While some experts recommend that you wait for “last-minute” deals, this strategy might end up backfiring, as prices can sometimes actually go WAY UP at the last minute. Only consider a last minute deal if you are flexible with dates and don’t need to go at any specific time.

• During holiday weekends and peak season, the price for airfare will go up due to high demand. It’s very challenging to find cheap plane tickets during these time periods. Research your desired destinations to find out when their “off-seasons” are and try to schedule your trip accordingly.

• Already have specific dates that you simply cannot change or be flexible with? According to studies, domestic airfare for a flight tends to be the lowest between 3 – 7 weeks before that flight, no matter what time of the year you travel. For an international flight, keep an eye out for deals around 11 – 12 prior to the departure date.

• It’s worth doing research on the airlines themselves and learn about how their pricing works. There are numerous factors that affect the airfare price fluctuation, with the most significant being seat availability and cancellations. Various fare categories are frequently becoming sold out or getting reopened. Be aware of special deals offered by each individual airline. For instance, American Airlines has a “Basic Economy” package that includes extra-low fares for passengers who do not bring carry-ons or care which seats they get assigned to.

• Another way you can save on airfare is to combine it with your hotel booking and/or car rental. On many travel discount sites, you will see an option to book all three at once. However, these types of deals usually have specific requirements regarding the departure city and number of nights at the hotel, so it may or may not offer everything you need.


Be sure to look over third party discounts and promo codes as well, and you will surely be able to obtain cheap plane tickets!

Expedia promotional codes are the way to go. It’s the best place for finding cheap plane tickets to most destinations. Not only will you find low rates, you’ll also be able to use travel coupons to help you save even more!

Cruise to Alaska

Cruise to Alaska Guide: What Are the Most Important Factors to Consider When Searching for an Alaskan Cruise?

There is never a bad time to cruise to Alaska. The leading cruise lines offer cruises throughout the year. The cruise season tends to run from April to September – especially during summer months. However, the “best” time to go is really subjective.

A lot of people prefer to go during summer months due to the warm temperatures. Cruisers on a budget prefer to wait until either May or September when the fares are cheaper and the crowds are smaller. The downside of going off-season is that the weather is more unpredictable and excursions have a higher chance of being canceled. If you want to check out the Northern Lights, the best possibility of seeing them is in September. Once again, there is a downside to traveling around this time due to the choppiness of the Gulf of Alaska, which is not a good thing for travelers who tend to get seasick.

When you plan a cruise to Alaska, you will find that there are three basic routes that most of the major cruise lines stick with: round trip from Vancouver, round trip from Seattle, and one-way Vancouver to Alaska. You might also want to consider a cruise tour, which combines a cruise around Alaska with a land tour, either prior to or following the actual cruise. These kinds of tour packages can be anything from a 3 – 5 night Anchorage / Fairbanks / Drenali tour to a 5 – 7 night Canadian Rockies tour.

If your time is limited and you won’t get a chance to take a tour before or after a cruise, then select an itinerary that includes a shore excursion or two so that you can on a mini-tour, or simply enjoy a day at an Alaskan port city.

Where to Visit on Your Cruise to Alaska

You’ll also want to go with an itinerary that will get you as close as possible to some glaciers. The most beautiful glaciers in the world can only be seen around Alaska on a ship. If you dock at Juneau at any point during the trip, consider visiting the Tracy Arm fjord via floatplane. It’s a sight you don’t want to miss. Many travelers prefer to plan and book their own excursions since the ones offered in a package by a cruise line tend to bring the price up considerably.

Going on a cruise to Alaska requires more than just booking the cheapest package you come across. You must consider the departure city (Seattle or Vancouver), the time of year and weather conditions, the route, and ports of call. An Alaskan cruise can last anywhere from 5 to 21 days, either as a roundtrip or one-way. While a one-way cruise sounds nice, you might end up paying more for the airfare back to Seattle or Vancouver before returning home to your own city!

Get exclusive discounts on select cruises when shopping at Travelocity. You’ll be given all of the tools you need for getting the best deals on cruises, airfare, hotels, and more. Compare all of the itineraries and prices to help you find the perfect cruise to Alaska.