Best Cheap Vacations

Best Cheap Vacations Guide – Suggestions for North American Vacations and Cruises

You should be able to cross out a couple of places on your travel “wish list” soon since travel is becoming cheaper and cheaper. It is very easy to find good deals these days, all you have to do search for “best cheap vacations”. Even the more pricey destinations are becoming more affordable thanks to internet discounts and bargain travel solutions, such as bidding and price comparison.

Whenever you search for airfare, there is usually the option to add a hotel room tackled on for a bit more money, or vice versa. Every airline has partnered with some hotels to deliver travelers affordable packages. Car rentals are sometimes included in travel bundles as well.

Keep in mind that the best cheap vacations are sometimes varied depending on the season and current trends. In general, though, here are some destinations in the US that are usually affordable:

Top Budget Destinations in the United States

• San Antonio, TX
• Las Vegas, NV
• Memphis, TN
• Tucson, AZ
• Charleston, WV
• Kansas City, MO
• Denver, CO
• Portland, Maine
• Salt Lake City, Utah
• Lexington, KY
• Myrtle Beach, SC

What about Mexico?

Best Cheap Vacations in Mexico

Mexico has a lot of gorgeous places to visit – especially beaches. You can also go exploring ancient ruins. Here are a few affordable destinations:

• Mexico City
• Guadalajara
• Cozumel
• Playa Del Carmen
• Cancun
• Oaxaca
• Mazatlan

Don’t forget Canada.

Best Cheap Vacations in Canada

Is Mexico too hot for you? While not as populated as the US or Mexico, Canada still exceeds both in sheer land size. Some places are easy to get to, and some are not.
Here are some of the more affordable places to visit:

• Niagara Falls, Ontario
• Vancouver, BC
• Ottawa, Ontario
• Quebec City, Quebec
• Jasper, Alberta
• Edmonton, Alberta
• Halifax, Nova Scotia

Cheap Cruises

Of course, you can experience many of the places in this guide at once by going on a cruise. A cruise is also one of the cheapest ways to experience Hawaii and Alaska. Mexican cities like Cozumel are often included in the itineraries of Caribbean cruises. If you want to experience Alaska and the west coast of Canada, check into deals with cruise lines such as Princess, Celebrity, Holland America, and Norwegian.

When it comes to best cheap vacations, cruises are often your best bet. Unless you already live near a departure city, the only thing you have to worry about is airfare and a night’s stay at a hotel near the port.

If any of these destinations interest you, or you already have your own ideas in mind, you should always begin your search for best cheap vacations with Expedia. Discounts on travel packages, car rental, hotels, and cruises are easily obtained through the website.