Cheap Flights from Toronto to New York

Cheap Flights From Toronto to New York – How to Maximize Your Savings

The Toronto-New York route is certainly one of the busiest ones in North America. It is served by a great number of airlines including the giants in the region such as Air Canada, Delta, Lufthansa, American and United.

When you need to reach New York quickly, there are over 40 direct flights from Toronto each day. When you fly non-stop from Toronto to New York, you arrive at your destination in just slightly over one hour. There are also many connecting flights with Philadelphia being the connection place of choice for most travelers. Connecting flights take more than thirty six hours to reach destination.

Fares vary among the various providers and that is why a thorough search is necessary when you are looking for cheap flights. Moreover, it is always a great idea to make an advance booking, to make sure your vacation plans won’t be ruined. To illustrate how important an advance booking is, please consider the following scenario. If you chose to fly Air Canada to New York today, you will pay over $2500 for a same-day ticket. The price falls by more than $1000 for a one-day advance ticket and, incredibly, the price is less than $300 for a ticket purchased 21 days in advance.

Where to Search for Cheap Flights from Toronto to New York?

The search for cheap flights is best conducted online from the huge number of travel agents offering these services. Deciding on the agency to choose can also be a problem since there are so many of them. Yet not all agents are the same and it is always important to deal with an agent you can trust such as Expedia. This is a company that has been in the industry for long and is trusted by travelers globally. At Expedia, you will find ample choices for more cheap flights, more departures, more arrivals and many airlines with fewer stops. With all these options, you will find the cheapest flight with relative ease. At Expedia, you will find many discount flights and cheap tickets that you might not find anywhere else.

In order to maximize your savings, you should include the hotel to the flight. After you have selected the cheapest flight from the airfare, go to the huge inventory of high quality hotels and choose the one you want and save big money on your trip. Discounts are available for customers who go for a flight and hotel package and you lose on these if you make separate bookings.

Cheap flights from Toronto to New York are currently available at the Expedia and you should consider visiting their website before making any booking.