Cheap Flights from Orlando to London

Cheap Flights From Orlando to London – Why You Need to Book in Advance

The Orlando to London route is served by many carriers including industry leaders such as American, British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss International and Alitalia Express among many others. In addition to these many airlines, the immense level of activity on this route is perhaps best indicated by the huge number of weekly flights. In total, there are over 180 weekly flights on this route and every single day, over 250,000 seats are available for travelers.

This immediately creates a great opportunity for cheap fares as carriers fight for available customers. While there are many indirect flights on this route, there are four daily non-stop flights from Orlando to London. A non-stop flight will normally take slightly over eight hours. The two leading providers of direct flights on this route are British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

The air fares for this route vary immensely amongst the carriers. In fact sometimes the differences are so staggering that every care should be observed in choosing a carrier. One of the things you will notice when looking for cheap fares on this route is that while some carriers help you benefit from advance booking, some are actually indifferent and actually charge the same whether you book in advance or not. Moreover, some carriers tend to penalize early bookers by making them pay more than last-minute ticket purchasers.

Other Airlines Which Have Cheap Flights From Orlando to London

Some of the carriers who charge the same regardless of booking time include Aer Lingus, Mexicana and Alitalia. In the category of airlines charging early bookers more than last-minute buyers are KLM and Air Canada. However, there are many carriers who give massive discounts to advance bookers which you could check out. The stars which shine brightest in this area are US Airways, United, Scandinavian, Continental and Lufthansa. To use an example from Lufthansa, you will save over 700 sterling pounds if you booked two weeks in advance. For this reason alone, advance booking is one sure way of obtaining a cheap flight.

An online search for cheap flights can only help if you use the services of a seasoned travel operator. That is why a visit to the Travelocity website is highly recommended. Travelocity have the best deals on airfares to London thanks to their partnership with most suppliers. As the world’s top service provider in air travel, you expect to find the kind of offers you might never find elsewhere.

Moreover, youwill find Travelocity’s FareWatcher Plus a handy tool especially when you are a constant traveler. By using this tool, the company gets the latest flight offers, analyzes each one of them and then sends to you the lowest airfares in real time.

There is certainly a good reason why many people trust Travelocity for cheap flights from Orlando to London.

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