Cheap Flights from San Diego

Cheap Flights From San Diego – A Look at Popular and International Destinations & Airfare Info

Whether you’re already in San Diego and want to travel elsewhere for a few days, or plan to stop in SD on your way to or from Hawaii, you will find that there are nearly 500 daily flights from the Lindbergh Field airport. All of the major airlines from around the world offer flights to and from SAN. Even though it’s still not as popular as LAX or SFO, SAN is growing, and it’s not all that hard to find cheap flights from San Diego.

There is also the McClellan–Palomar Airport located a few miles SE of Carlsbad. You might find a better deal if you leave from there instead of the bigger, international airport. Online booking agencies usually have a “other nearby airports” type of options for you to select when doing comparison shopping. This is something you’ll definitely want to check out if you’re not happy with the rates you are getting from SAN.

What are some of the popular destinations? Many travelers love looking for cheap flights from San Diego to Las Vegas, Honolulu, New York, and anywhere in Florida. As mentioned above, it’s a great hub city for people looking for connector flights between continental US and Hawaii / Alaska.

As for international flights, San Diego is usually inexpensive to fly from for people want to visit Mexico and Central America. Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City in particular are popular destinations. You can still find affordable airfare to other continents as well.

Where to Find Great Deals for Cheap Flights from San Diego

Keep in mind that each airline that operates from the airport acts as its own business entity, and therefore is responsible for the price of airfare. If you want to try to negotiate a deal, or have questions regarding pricing, it’s recommended that you contact the airlines directly. While online travel agencies make it easy to view pricing and compare multiple trips at once, some customers require additional assistance from the airlines.

Should you buy early or buy late? Depending on when you want to travel, either could be the better option. If you already have specific travel dates planned and have no room for flexibility, it’s probably best that you book early – as much as two or three months in advance. However, if you’re a bit flexible and patient, just keep an eye out for last minute deals. You never know when something might pop up. Pricing can change on a daily basis. You might find cheap flights from San Diego tomorrow or a month from now.

The best and easiest way to find cheap flights from San Diego is to check out Travelocity discount sand promotion codes. All you have to do is check out the daily deals and/or make use of the user-friendly search tools.

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