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Disney Vacation Packages Guide – 7 Tips for Finding and Choosing the Best Package for Your Needs

Since the Disney resorts are among the most popular tourist spots in the world, there are numerous vacation deals available. In fact, there are so many Disney vacation packages that you might have trouble narrowing down all of the choices. Whether you want to go to Orlando, California, or one of the International parks, here are a few tips for choosing the right package.

1. Decide on what kind of theme you want to go with. These resorts offer all sorts of packages: golf, family, rides, shopping, tennis, etc. Whatever hobbies or interests you might have, you can find a Disney vacation that centers around that hobby or interest.

2. If you’re going with your family or group of friends, have everyone make a list of activities they are interested in. What rides do they want to go on? Which restaurants do they want to eat at? What attractions do they want to check out? Try to come up with an itinerary that includes at least one thing each person wants to do.

3. There are some romantic Disney vacation packages for newlyweds, couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries, newly engaged couples, etc. If you want go to with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, take a look at these romantic packages. Go with one that offers activities that both of you will enjoy. Ideally, you will want to stay in a nice, inviting hotel suite or rental villa.

4. Speaking of accommodation, is there a particular hotel or inn you have in mind? Different hotel chains offer deals in vacation packages. If you have a preference, you can search for the hotel(s) you’re interested in to see which packages are available.

5. How many days do you want to spend at a Disney resort? Two? Three? A week? Some online travel site will allow you to search for the package you want by a specific number of days.

6. Another thing you might want to consider is going on a cruise. Disney has its very own cruiseline. Ships leave from many departure ports, including some in Florida, Texas, California, and Canada.

7. As with any vacation package, one of the most important considerations is how you’re actually going to get there. Some offers include airfare and some do not. If you plan to drive there, you won’t have to worry about airfare. However, if you are going to fly, you’ll need to decide whether it would be cheaper to go with a package that includes airfare, or pay for the airfare separately.

Final Conclusions

Now you have some idea of what to look for in Disney vacation packages. Find some packages that cover everything you need and compare the prices. Once you find what you’re looking for, book it, and head to Disney!

You can find tons and tons of great Disney vacation packages at Travelocity. There are so many packages available for every Disney destination in not just the US, but the world. Travelocity promo codes are sometimes available to help you save even more on a vacation package.

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