Flights from LAX to Maui

Flights from LAX to Maui Overview of the Airlines, Airports, and Affordable Airfare

Los Angeles is the obvious city to depart from if you’re after a Hawaiian adventure. The two spots are located nearly 2,500 miles away, and it takes approximately 5 hours and 45 minutes of crossing the Pacific Ocean. There are dozens of flights from LAX to Maui every single day, so you have plenty to choose from, no matter what your travel dates are like.

The major airport in the Maui area is the Kahului Airport, although many carriers fly to the Honolulu International Airport first. Look into both options when comparing rates. Airliners that provide service directly to the Kahului Airport include United, American, Air Canada, Delta, Alaska, Continental, and a variety of others.

The cheapest time to fly from LA to Maui is during winter months. Prices are considerably higher during the months of July, followed by October. Delta offers the most direct flights between these two cities, although it’s not always the cheapest. This is why it’s important to compare fares from multiple airlines at once. You can search for roundtrip airfare as well as one-way tickets.

Typically, the cheapest time to book flights from LAX to Maui is 14 – 21 days in advance. Nonstop flights are slightly less costly than one-stop flights (Honolulu), but not by much. Airfare is also less during weekdays, from Monday to Thursday. It usually costs more to fly out on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Comfort in Flights from LAX to Maui

Since you’ll be stuck in the air over the Pacific Ocean for over five hours, you should have comfort as one of your top priorities. It’s often worth paying a bit more for a flight if it’s going to be on a large, comfortable plane with all of the conveniences you need. Take the time to read reviews by other travelers who have flown from LAX to Maui for some ideas on which airliner might be the best. Also, read the baggage and onboard carry-on requirements.

You’ll need a place to stay, so it’s a good idea to book the hotel room at the same time as the airfare. Take advantage of Maui bundle deals and Hawaiian vacation packages. There are plenty of hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals located in and around the Maui area. Plan for ground transportation as well, whether you want to rent a vehicle, take a taxi, shuttle service, or public transit system, which is slow, yet very cheap.

Whether you’re going for business or fun, you can easily compare rates on flights from LAX to Maui online at a site like Travelocity. Don’t forget to look into hotel rooms and car rental deals as well – you can plan the entire trip with user-friendly tools.

Travelocity discounts are always wonderful. The site is easy to use and you can apply a promo code or eCoupon to your booking form when reserving your trip. Compare all of the flights from LAX to Maui on any given day to find the best deal.

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