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Travelocity Honeymoon Packages Guide – 6 Popular, Affordable Romantic Destinations to Consider

There is no shortage of romantic resorts in places like the Caribbean, Mexico, South Pacific, and other warm, sunny places. There are also couples who prefer vacations in snowy mountains or big, exciting cities. Whatever type of getaway you and your significant other want, you should find what you’re looking for with Travelocity honeymoon packages.

Travelocity offers some of the best deals anyone could ask for in a vacation. It’s easy to browse the site for romantic getaway packages.

Here are some of the most popular (and affordable) honeymoon spots right now:


Hawaii is the classic honeymoon destination. Depending on where you live, it is either an affordable or expensive place to fly to. It’s not the cheapest option for every couple. However, if you plan right, you could get lucky and find reasonable airfare prices. Since there are so many resorts on the Hawaiian Islands, it’s not hard to find discounts on all-inclusive honeymoon packages. You could even opt for a Hawaii cruise and go island-hopping.

Key West

If you live closer to the East Coast, Key West is probably a cheaper option for you than Hawaii. It’s a gorgeous beach destination that’s not hard to get to. You can either fly there or, unlike Hawaii, DRIVE there along the Overseas Highway, which in itself offers beautiful, romantic scenery. Look for affordable airfare to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale and just drive on down. Check out Travelocity honeymoon packages at many of the romantic resorts in Key West.


Compared to other Western European destinations, Portugal is fairly affordable. It offers a lot of old-warm charm, like historic castles, picturesque villages, and so forth. There are some VERY affordable, romantic hotels – especially in Lisbon.

Rocky Mountain National Park

If you want a secluded honeymoon, away from all of the crowds, there are always cozy cabins in the Rocky Mountains. Stay at one of the smaller towns like Estes Park or Deer Mountain in Northern Colorado. Fly to either Denver International Airport or Cheyenne Regional Airport.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

The Sangster International Airport is one of the more cheaper Caribbean airports to fly to right now, and Jamaica is always a popular destination for honeymooners. The resorts range from a couple hundred dollars per night to a couple of thousand. You should be able to find a deal that will fit within your budget range.

Las Vegas

If you’re looking for excitement and thrills for your honeymoon, there is always Vegas. Most of the big-name resorts and hotels offer affordable vacation packages for couples. At night, you can enjoy the bright lights and entertainment. During the day, you can take a trip to Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon.

These are some of the very fun and affordable Travelocity honeymoon packages available. There are always cruises to consider. The cruise lines often offer huge discounts for all-inclusive romantic packages.

You’ll find plenty of other affordable destinations as well. It’s a great site for finding all types of vacation and travel deals. You can view and compare Travelocity honeymoon packages in just about every region of the world.

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