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Hotel Prices Guide: Be Sure Not to Make Any of These Mistakes

It’s never been so easy to check on hotel prices and accommodations, and to book them on your own. There is no need to hire a travel agent when all the tools are at your fingertips now. With so many hotels and rental properties in each and every corner of the world, there are a variety of options. No matter where you want to go, or when, you should be able to get a good deal on a decent room or suite.

However, there are a few mistakes that a lot of people who aren’t experienced with internet travel booking tend to make. For instance, not waiting until the ideal time to book a room in a particular destination is a mistake a lot of people make. If you’re looking for a room in a popular beach city in the spring, the price will likely be higher since so many college kids will be heading to those beaches during spring break. Booking a Disney hotel around Christmas is also going to be a bad idea since the rates will be higher.

Find out what off-season and shoulder-season are in the destinations you are interested in going. During those periods, hotel prices will be lower. You’ll just have to brave the weather if it is less than desirable.

Another mistake is assuming you are getting the best deal just because the price is the lowest. However, once you arrive at the hotel, you might find that there are extra charges you didn’t know about, or that the property is located in a bad neighborhood, or too far away from the attractions you hope to see. This could potentially cost you more money in the long run for gas if you rent a car or taxi fares.

Interactive Maps to Find Good Hotel Prices

What you need to do is use a good travel discount site with intuitive search tools and interactive maps. Carefully look over each and every hotel available on the dates you enter and check their location on the map. Consider amenities such as free parking, free airport shuttles, free breakfast, room Wi-Fi, and so forth. Will it be easy to get around the city from a particular hotel? It’s also a good idea to read reviews and view photos to learn more about each hotel, inn, or resort.

Last minute deals are only worth considering if you don’t have any specific plans in mind and don’t mind driving to the destination. This is because the airfare might not be discounted at the last minute, even if the hotel room is. If you have to fly, then it’s for the best to book everything early to be on the safe side. Just book through a site that guarantees the lowest hotel prices. If the price drops after you book, you should be able to get the difference refunded.

Travelocity is just that site. It offers everything you need to ensure that you get the cheapest hotel prices possible. Take advantage of Travelocity promo codes on airfare and car rentals as well. It’s very easy to find a good deal.

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