Inexpensive All Inclusive Vacation Packages

Inexpensive All Inclusive Vacation Packages – 5 Must-See Destinations

There are all inclusive resorts all around the world and many of them cost quite a bit of money – particularly those in Europe. However, there is the occasional deal that pops up, and there really are a few affordable destinations in Europe that offer inexpensive all inclusive vacation packages.

What does “all inclusive” mean? While the answer to this can vary from one resort to the next, in general, this kind of vacation covers meals, gratuities, room or suite accommodation for a certain number of nights, soft drinks, some alcoholic drinks, extra cleaning services, and some activities at or near the resort. Airfare may or may not be included depending on the offer. Usually, if airfare is included with the package price, there will be an icon of an airplane in the advertisement.

What are some affordable places in Europe that have all inclusive vacation packages?

Here are a few destinations to consider:


This multi-cultural destination is considered a gateway between the West and East. It’s home to a variety of nice destinations and affordable resorts. Head to Istanbul for a big city experience or the Turquoise Coast or Antalya beach resorts. In Antalya, there are smaller resorts clustered in neighborhoods popular with certain types of tourists, including English neighborhoods, German-centric neighborhoods, Russian-centric neighborhoods, etc.


There are around 13 all-inclusive resorts in Sunny Beach alone. The inexpensive all inclusive vacation packages at this destination are still luxurious compared to the standards in many other places. Just look for affordable airfare to either the Varna Airport (VAR) or Burgas Airport (BOJ).


This Greek island is big enough to have groups of hotels that are dominated by tourists of certain countries, like Antalya in Turkey. Keep in mind that some of the Crete resorts are remote so going out and exploring isn’t as easy as it is in other places. Make sure that you stay at an all inclusive hotel that is easy to get to from the airport or train station. Crete is definitely a beautiful destination that everyone should visit at least once.

Portugal – Southern Coast

The southern coast has been highly popular with English speakers – particularly Brits – for decades. There are fairly short (and inexpensive) flight times from many western European airports. The entire region of Algarve has a few nice resorts that offer inexpensive all inclusive vacation packages.

Majorca – Spain

Palma in particular is an affordable and delightful base for exploring this island. It is the central hub of Majorca (or Mallorca). Look for airfare to the large international airport, which is located just east of Palma. There are some very nice all-inclusive 4 – 5 star resorts for under $100 US per night.

These are some of the best places in Europe where you will find inexpensive all inclusive vacation packages.

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